Sales and Marketing is About "YOU"

Sales and marketing is not magic. Is it?

If you are looking for simple and practical information that you can apply right away, then you have come to the right place! I created this Google Top 10 website after 15 years of working for some of the top companies in the world in order to deconstruct complex theory and give you real world advice on creating customers.

Every topic on is researched and presented with the goal of providing you with simplified building blocks you can understand and work with. The goal is to help you think about new ways to sell and market whether you are in government, education, business or non-profit work. Here you will rediscover textbook fundamentals coupled with practical "hands on" advice.

Regardless of your level of expertise you can always benefit by approaching selling and marketing as an art as well as a science. You can always relearn basics and think about new ways to apply some of the timeless principles of sales and marketing. A lot of my work is in redefining old concepts in new ways. I would love to hear from you so please touch base and let me know your thoughts!

It is time to demystify the science of sales and marketing and look for hands-on, no-nonsense approaches to figuring out what works! I lay out standard business methodologies for you in an easy-to-understand fashion and then look at ways in which you can take theory and put it into practice for your business. Education is great, but only if it helps you succeed, right? Your goal is to grow...

Consulting, help, strategies, ideas, "how to" guides, templates, tools and unique tips and insights on everything you need to succeed and take your business and thought process to the next level. Everything is in plain English and if you don't find what you need ask!

"You" Sales And Marketing

"You" means putting the focus back where it belongs: on your customer. Turn theory into practical customer-centric techniques to help you succeed. A "win-win" relationship is when you can engage and serve customers and you start by speaking to them - "You"! - in their language addressing their needs.

Sales And Marketing For

"You" is your customer who is the focus of everything you do. Succeed by understanding and serving their needs

"You" is how you talk. Not "our company" but "your partner". Not "our features" but "your benefits"

"You" is your own personality which personifies and makes personable every aspect of your marketing efforts

"You" is actionable ideas that are both relevant and practical enough for you to implement right away

"You" is outlook: successful marketing begins with attitude that you can adjust today, right now

Sales And Marketing For

Sales Is Marketing

Sales is marketing is sales. Sales targets one person while marketing targets many. Both selling and marketing seek to engage, inform and persuade through a variety of communication tools. Aligning you methods and approaches to each will increase your success regardless of conditions.

What is the difference between sales and marketing? How can I come up with marketing ideas and a marketing plan that works? What are some ideas to kickstart my business? What do I need to know about positioning and market segmentation? How do I differentiate myself from my competition?

You have come to the right place for answers!

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