101 Marketing Strategies: Guerrilla Marketing

This 101 Marketing Strategies section presents some of the marketing tactics the father of Guerrilla Marketing Jay Conrad Levinson presents on his official website. In some cases these are strategies used by Jay's readers and in other cases they are presented by the master himself. My hope is that you can add tips like these to your own deck of marketing cards.

What I have done is present useful strategies in this 101 Marketing Strategies section and then elaborate on each idea in terms of why it works and similar things you can do to kickstart your own sales and marketing efforts. Remember to pick and choose what works best for you and please let me know if I can help come up with effective sales and marketing strategies for your own business!

101 Marketing Strategies: Guerrilla Marketing

Get help with 101 Marketing Strategies for your business or share your expertise and experiences!

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101 Marketing Strategies: Guerrilla Marketing Tips, Trips and Strategies

• Birthday cards – These can be extended to notes, thank yous and any kind from a number of personalized gestures for your customers. A simple handwritten message shows that you have taken time and thought about your customer

• Sticky notes - Guerrilla Marketing founder Jay Conrad Levinson tells of a pizzeria whose sticky note advertisements have become well-known in his town. This idea can be extended to any number of creative advertising where the key is to stand out

• Ice Cream - Another Guerrilla Marketer who runs a real estate agency began sending prospects home with ice cream on hot days. There's an idea: actually spending the money to buy your customers worthwhile gifts and putting some thought into what you give them

• Christmas Wish List - A retailer of sporting goods created wish lists for kids of all ages who came to the store and then sent these to their mailing list. It is one thing to sell something and quite another for one customer – the kids – to promote items they themselves wanted to their parents

• Beach Party Bingo - Special events of all kinds – especially those with free food and entertainment – will be appreciated by your customers. Find creative ways to include offers and other marketing touches such as giving away gifts and novelties branded with your logo

• Business Cards Bulletin Board - There are all kinds of ways to use your business card as a marketing tool. Jays talks about a Guerrilla Marketer who turned his into a mini-brochure that advertises all of his products. A unique card that will cause people to remember you goes a long way

• Ask and you shall receive Jay tells the story of a Guerrilla Marketing who is a Private Investigator and made valuable contacts with important law firms when she was looking for office space to sublet. All of the lawyers she talked to asked about her business afterwards. Are there ways for you to connect with your customer base other than direct sales or marketing? What is important is getting your name out there, interacting and building relationships

• Stationery In addition to advertising your products and services on creative business cards, this can be done on your office stationery as well. Remember that anything that a customer sees communicates a message about you and your business

• Opportunistic Sales and Marketing The owner of a resume consulting and design business found a responsive market in the HR department of companies that were downsizing and hired her to help their employees find new jobs. Where and how can you target more customer effectively?

• Email or Website? Apparently there are many people who read e-mail and do not surf the web as one Guerrilla Marketer found out in setting up a new website. Remember that the best way to reach people is to offer multiple forms of communication (website, e-mail, telephone, mail, fax)

• Credit not Coupons One Guerrilla Marketing in a particularly competitive city offers customers credits to their account instead of coupons which may be honored by the competition. How can you stand out and make sure that your competitors are not eating your lunch as well?

• Cat Shoot One ingenious Guerrilla Marketer generated an enormous amount of publicity by advertising a “Cat Shoot” that generated calls from the Humane Society, local authorities, the media and others. On the day of the event, participants got to shoot paintballs at a huge cartoon cat with the proceeds going to charity! Can you create some buzz through shock value or being unusual?

• Referral Marketing Asking your existing customers for referrals is always a great idea and another Guerrilla Marketer Jay mentions took this a step further. He often refers one of his customers to a client's or associate's business by giving them that person's business card with a “Referred by” label on the back with his own business details. You never know when someone you have established a relationship with will mention or refer you to someone else and so make sure to take every opportunity to get your name out there in addition to creating goodwill

101 Marketing Strategies: Guerrilla Marketing

I hope you found my “101 Marketing Strategies: Guerrilla Marketing” page useful. Remember to keep trying new things as the key to Guerrilla Marketing is being creative instead of spending lots of money. There are endless numbers of ways of generating more business as long as you put your mind to it and persist until you succeed while learning along the way.

Ask me for help with 101 Marketing Strategies for your business!

Become a Guerrilla Marketing ExpertWhat Is Guerilla Marketing?Guerilla Marketing IdeasGuerilla Marketing Strategies101 Marketing Strategies: The Basics101 MKTG Strategies: Communication101 MKTG Strategies: Practical TipsFree Marketing Ideas101 Strategies Consultant

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