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hunting, farming and BRANDiNG
June 23, 2017

a brief HiS (/ HER story) of Sales & Marketing

Greeting Sales and Marketer!

The reason you cannot sell anything is because your sales and marketing is out of whack

I am trying to be nice

I am trying to point out that there is a REASON you are reading this (and not selling something to someone)

The reason is that people do not CARE about you (or your shiny product)

They are tuned into, "WiiFM"

This is the same station YOU and I are tuned into

"What's in it for ME?"

Can you dig it??

Okay: so what is YOUR answer

What do YOU provide for ME

If you cannot answer that, nay, if your business is not BUiLT around that question then you may as well read on

You may as well waste time that you could be hiring a REAL website designer and PAY $3000 for a website that will NET you $30K / month

Go on, read some more

Maybe I will answer your questions

Maybe I will quell your (silly) insecurities

Maybe I will convince you that you ARE better than "the OTHER"

That other guy / guy / company who is eating your lunch

They are not paying your bills but you ACT like they do

Why do you do that?

Why don't you just focus on the ONE thing that matters?

"You" is your customer

"You" is your most important word

If you have not said "you" more than "I" or "we" today, that is why you have not SOLD

I am sorry, but there is NOTHiNG that I can insert here that is going to CHANGE your attitude and get you to ACT (unless YOU want to)


PS. if you keep doing what you are doing, don't expect anything to CHANGE


Husain Zaidi
(425) 835-3581

Sales is SMILES, Marketing is MEASUREMENT

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