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Attention in Sales and Marketing
November 21, 2011

Attention in Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing is all about manipulating the attention of your customers and the public at large!


When you think about sales and marketing, you often think about cloak and dagger psychological devices in order for you to be able to get people to think a certain way and therefore act according to your desired response for them. If you do not, you should! Business is nothing more than creating appearances and then having the goods - that is, your product(s) and service(s)! – in order to back up your public claims. Being able to support your customer all the way through the sales process and beyond with ongoing customer support is the only way that you can ensure that you will generate a lasting and growing customer base and therefore a successful business.

Attention is important in sales and marketing because people respond only to those things that they are paying attention to. This seems so obvious as to be trite but in reality, this is a very powerful thing to understand. They say that people can have up to 7 things “in mind” or on their radar – or “plate”! - at any given point in time but I say that this is not true. I believe that people can only really concentrate on 1 thing at a time - at least men! - and therefore your goal is to make your thing that one thing. What is it that you are trying to make the center of your customers’ and the public’s attention? Everything!

Every aspect of your business, from your sales and marketing message, to what media and distribution channels you use, to your packaging, documentation and point of sale environment; all of these go into creating breadcrumbs that the public, prospects and finally customers will follow to a successful sale and a successful long term relationship. Your goal is making everything about what you say and do reflect well on your business and communicate your core business values to people, who in turn will connect with you based on your shared values.

Sales and marketing is not about selling products and services but rather about building your brand. This way, you are not limited to focusing specifically on the features or even the benefits – if you are an enlightened seller or marketer! – of your market offering. Too often, what we find is that business people are fixated on how great their product or service is and see their goal in the market being to convince as many people as possible of how great these things are. What then? Well, once you have convinced someone of how great your product is and they buy from you, doesn’t that take care of everything? Unfortunately not.

Although we don’t hear about it as much as other kinds of business failures, there are cases of companies that do manage to engage customers around how great their product is but then fall apart on the complementary business activities that support your sales and marketing engine. Anything from product quality to customer service to basic billing and invoicing might be missing and might become the cause of a failed business. To enter the market with the gung-ho attitude of, “let’s just sell stuff and see what happens!” is not the way of the astute seller or marketer. Rather, grow organically so that as you add customers, you can not only keep them happy but continue to add more.

At the end of the day, you do not have anything unless you can sell something and generate revenue. On the other hand, what I am trying to say is that this is not everything; rather, every aspect of your business and your messaging is crucially important and may be what someone is paying attention to. Don’t leave any gaps in your armor and make sure that everything that a customer sees, hears, touches and feels about you reflects on your core business ideology in a positive way. This way, you can go beyond manipulating people’s attention; their attention, once engaged, will naturally follow the path you have internalized and laid out from interest to evaluation to sale to ongoing service and follow up business (and referrals!).

Don’t focus your attention on selling products and services, focus on aligning each and every detail of your sales, marketing and business with your deepest beliefs!


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