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Circular Sales and Marketing
April 04, 2013

Circular Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing, like everything in life, is cyclical and circular.


Seasons come and go, as do joys and sorrows and… customers! Everything that "happens" happens in cycles. History repeats itself and we find similar laws and processes in place and operating from the macro to the micro, from planets to protons.

How is this going to help you increase your business? Let me say this: if you are not too busy to be reading this then you are certainly doing the right thing by endeavouring to learn and apply enough of what you learn in order to get that busy.

Understanding the cyclical and circular nature of sales and marketing makes things simple on many different levels, the least of which is that you will never get "stuck" with your business. You will simply look for the next place to work another cycle.

What I mean by this is that even your best customer can sour or stop buying from you and even your worst can come around and respond. Your best product will lose steam one day and an unexpected market or revenue source may come to life at any time.

Instead of trying to "fix" things, just find areas where you can "click" and connect into what is happening and add a natural, Zen-like energy where you are simply a catalyst to affect what is already happening. When the work is done, simply move on.

Here is how sales is cyclical and circular:

(i) The Funnel Cycle: How many phone calls before you find someone interested? Circle back to the script and repeat. How many conversations before that person actually becomes engaged and responsive? Circle back to the script and repeat

(ii) The Sales Cycle: Progressing a person from Aware, Interested, Evaluating and Negotiating to Purchasing is not a straight line. You may complete step 1, 2 and 3 to find a customer back at 1 again. Then what? Circle back to 1 and repeat

(iii) The Pipeline Cycle: How many suspects must you call in order to convert one into a prospect? How many prospects must you qualify in order to create an opportunity? How many viable opportunities do you need for a sale? Circle back and repeat

(iv) The Buying Cycle: Who buys in a company? The CFO. Who does the CFO listen to about what to buy? The department head. Who does the department head care about? Their team. Who's permission do you need to sell to the team? Back up the chain. Cycle and repeat

(v) The Roadmap Cycle: If a customer has not purchased your product, they should. If they have, they should use it. If they do, they should enjoy using it. If they do, they should benefit from using it. If they do, they should advocate it. Cycle back and repeat

(vii) The Strategic Cycle: I have written about this as "high and low" sales and marketing but it just as well could have been called "fast and slow" or "formal and informal" or "x and [opposite of x]". Simply put, keep cycling your approach in order to stay fresh and effective

Maybe YOU can tell ME how you think marketing is cyclical and circular. I did have some cogent and unique thoughts on this but do not have the space to put them here. You can either create a page on or just shoot me a note with your thoughts and questions… I would love to hear from you.

Don't get bogged down with one conversation, customer or campaign but circle back and circle within circles!


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