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Connect + (Openly) Interact + NEVER End = C.O.I.N.
January 01, 2016

Connect + (Openly) Interact + NEVER End = C.O.I.N.

Greeting Sales and Marketer!

I had wanted to write something for the month of December and missed (…by a DAY but still! In the world of sales, marketing and strategy, you either have RESULTS or EXCUSES but never BOTH, as you know, dearest reader :)

So, the topics brewing on my mind over the last month have been a mishmash of some of the following thoughts and contentions:

i) Corporations vs. Individuals

ii) Sales and Marketing Yesterday and Today

iii) EMOTION produces EMOTION

I am the in the process - God willing! - of uploading my latest video to - wherein I discuss an AMAZING book I discovered wherein the authors make the following basic premise (my summary): "INDIVIDUALS have not outpaced the CORPORATIONS that were meant to be SERVING them"

What this means is that there is now, more than ever, a DISCONNECT between BRAND and customer VALUES and LIFESTYLE. What customers see whenever they look up - from driving/ watching TV/ typing, walking, WHATEVER..! - is a seemingly endless arrays of flashy logos, taglines and brands with GREAT products competing for their (MEAGER) attention

What is wrong with this picture, you ask? Is this not a perfect model of what the market law of DEMAND and SUPPLY has fore-ordained as being THE optimum situation in a capitalist economy? I'll tell you something, dearest reader (a little SECRET): it is the practice of WEAK sales and marketing professionals to rely on fancy words and terms (in order) to explain away their (OWN) inadequacies

Let me ask: what DIFFERENCE does it make what product(s) or service(s) the (CHERISHED) customer purchases if they do not feel a CONNECTION to their brand of choice? (oh yeah, that reminds me of a new Marketing Mantra I came up with this month (a long with a number of OTHER things on which is my PERSONAL channel :) -- (1) CONNECT (2) (OPENLY) (3) INTERACT and (4) NEVER END (C-O-I-N! ;). You see, dearest reader, people just LOVE these kinds of cool sales and marketing "silver bullets" that mean NONSENSE unless you are the one who came up with them…

Let us, in any case, dispense with the smelly semi-formality of this (MARGINAL) "e-zine"/ blog/ newsletter/ article using this (profound) acronym to tie up the previously-listed items i), ii) and iii) [there being a special PRIZE for any and all who are actually able to follow my convoluted train of thought and draw ANY meaning or value from this compilation of compulsive perceptions :D

i) CORPORATIONS no longer CONNECT with the people they are meant to serve

ii) the REASON is because the do NOT care (like ORIGINAL business owners)

iii) administering rounds of fake smiles only PARTIALLY makes up for it

iv) …the tragic mess resulting being the difference between sales and marketing past and present

So, what are you going to do with these few (meager) paragraphs then, my dearest friend? They probably sounded pretty good but may be because I am a professional thinker, writer and speaker and this is the kind of thing I am good at and do for a living… are you going to put any of it to USE, however, is my question?? Here's how:


• SHARE your customer's lifestyle and values

• …or FIND those who you DO connect with

Once you discover and create GENUINE interactions among the audience that you are so keenly marketing to, you will notice a few strange things begin to happen….

1) You will realize you not only LIKE but LOVE your customers (to DEATH)

2) You will realize you do not have to SELL to these people to enjoy them

3) You will realize that sales and marketing is all about relationships

4) You will realize that a relationships is simply extended CONVERSATIONS

At this point I must take my leave and bid you farewell with this (most) fondest of "advical" gems in my repertoire/ library of seasoned HITS…

"There is enough LIGHT for one who wants to SEE"



Husain Zaidi
(425) 835-3581

Sales is SMILES, Marketing is MEASUREMENT

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