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The 3 Principles of "Do Nothing" Sales And Marketing
September 26, 2009

"Do Nothing" Sales And Marketing


Sales and marketing is best done without selling or marketing.

Think of something that you do very well. Now ask yourself, "what am I thinking during those times?" Regardless of whether you are good at tennis, flower arranging or having a conversation, I bet that most of the time you do not consciously think about it or are even aware of doing it. So it is with the best sales and marketing which is natural and effortless.

Zen has a principle called doing nothing which follows the same approach. Doing nothing does not mean staying in bed but rather doing nothing to hinder the natural evolution of a given process or life itself. It is like a fine balancing act where your role is simply to guide the process as it unfolds without committing any forced or extraneous actions.

This may sound a bit abstract and so I have boiled it down to 3 concrete principles for you to apply to your everyday (non) sales and marketing:

1. Seek to Interact: In the first instance we seek to make contact, to engage, to befriend. What this means is being personable and helpful and knowledgeable about a specific problem your customer is facing. It does not mean launching into a pitch or a series of features and benefits or trumpeting how great you are

2. Seek to Understand: Ask questions. Build rapport. Ask more questions. Empathize. You can learn something from every conversation and you should genuinely enjoy the experience with each customer without trying to force a sale or "next step". Learn by knowing that you do not know everything about this customer

3. Seek to Add Value: We are here to add value whether it be a simple friendly gesture, useful information or a solution to a problem through our product or service. As you get better about adding value in all the little ways you will get better at closing more business. It is not about you or your solution but about enhancing your customer’s life

Applying these principles to everything you do in sales and marketing will help you evolve as a natural seller and marketer without "selling" or "marketing". If you think about it, these are the same principles you apply in making a friend, raising a child or attending a seminar to learn something. Why should it be any different in sales and marketing? How can it be any different in sales and marketing?

In sales and marketing the opposite of doing nothing very quickly becomes doing the wrong thing. Think about pushy salespeople or the presumptuous, condescending marketing we all hate. Think about blatantly self-serving "great offers" and the downright deceit practiced by sellers and marketers today. Remember the adage that no one like to be sold but that everyone likes to buy.

Do not push but create a pull instead!


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