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Four Questions in Sales and Marketing
December 07, 2013

Four Questions in Sales and Marketing

Greetings Sales and Marketer:

Wouldn’t it be so nice – and easy – if we could break EVERYTHING down to a few simple rules which, IF followed, ALWAYS produce the same results? Let’s say that we are not even bothered by a question of “right” or “wrong” results; let’s say, just for the sake of argument, that we really DON’T care – how impossible – whether or not our customers actually and eventually buy from us (anything, that is)

The good news is that there is; there are those four simple things to follow – or ask – around which ALL of sales and marketing is predicated (the hard news, for those who care, is that you now have to beat yourself up DOUBLE whenever things go “bad”: a) things are not working out as well as you might like; b) you are the dummy who is breaking one of the SIMPLE rules a 12-year old can follow (and most do)

1. WHO is My Customer?

2. WHERE is My Customer?

3. HOW can I reach my customer(s)?

4. WHAT do I say to my customer?

(notice how I repeat the word “customer” as often as I like, just as I try and use the word “you” as much and possible which is what sales-and-marketing-for-you is all about: you means your customer/ audience and what THEY want (and/ or NEED) are the SOLE focus of ALL of your efforts (communicating with them being the LEAST of it all)

How about I leave you with those mind-numbing concepts for now and come back to them next time I feel like writing an e-zine… OR, the next COGENT* response I receive on these question (and the overarching question of whether or not they do indeed cover all bases in S&M**)

*don’t ask me about your wife not liking the fact you stay out at the pub a lot, please

**sales and marketing, sales and marketers… … get your minds out of the GUTTERS, folks ;o)


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