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hunting, farming and BRANDiNG
March 29, 2017

hunting, farming and #BRANDiNG

Greeting Sales and Marketer!

you are a FARMER and farmers have BRANDS. you are a HUNTER and hunters also FARM...

you are hunting for OPPORTUNiTY.. when you cold call someone there are only 16 possible outcomes.. they WILL or will NOT

a) pick up the PHONE b) be BUSY c) be NiCE d) understand and "click" with you e) TRUST you

if you ADD all of these outcomes up (2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2), the number of possible outcomes is closer to 32

i say 16; what i say is that if you make 15 cold calls then you WiLL and MUST find that ONE right person that you are looking for.. they are your OPPORTUNiTY

you are now going to ENGAGE that person on an ONGOING basis

do NOT expect that person to BUY from you right away (HOW can they and WHY should they?)

rather, you must FARM them by "touching base" from time to time.. use that phrase, say to people, "I am just touching base".. explain your sales process to them (and understand THEiRS)

find and send them articles

probe to discover their pains

serve them with your polite, professional and friendly calls

CLOSE them only when THEY come to YOU

BRANDiNG is what all of this is

do not EXPECT anyone to buy ANYTHING from you EVER (...unless your PRICE is right and they NEED and TRUST you)


PS. 2016 was a write-off and this is my first article in exactly a year.. i appreciate your reading and sharing this.. at least it will look chronological (March 2016 -> March 2017 :o)


Husain Zaidi
(425) 835-3581

Sales is SMILES, Marketing is MEASUREMENT

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