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the PURPOSE of "sales" and "marketing"
March 11, 2016


Greeting Sales and Marketer!

imagine someone who spends 8 hours a day working

working on SOMETHING

what are you actually DOiNG as a Sales and Marketing "professional"

have you ever actually THOUGHT about, as my original sales mentor, the esteemed and honored Microsoft Reseller of the Year - circa 2000/ Vancouver - the glorious Mike Ellis would say, "WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH"

This is the quintessential of the whole matter

What YOU are trying to accomplish as a "Sales and Marketing" professional is make your CUSTOMER succeed

Anything else is simply you being a "jobster" running after a paycheck

Unless and until your customer succeeds you might as well be sucking eggs

Unfortunately, and sadly, this is what most of you are doing

You come to work, sit at your cubicles, have your coffee breaks, laugh at your bosses' - funny and unfunny - "jokes"

I understand, dear reader: I was there too

JOB means "jackass of the boss", I am sorry to have to report to you

If your boss is not happy, you lose your job

WORSE, even if you ARE productive and, as a sales guys/ GRRRL close big deals on a regular basis


Improve marketing metrics through ingenious creative campaigns that actually RESONATE with people

None of this is going to ensure that you are NOT going to get fired tomorrow, next week or next month

There may be an economic/ political - and in, within your organization/ technological upheaval that simply squeezes you out of the market and/ or a job

That is the nature of the beast and if you think THAT is bad, just try starting your OWN business and finding your OWN customers

I am sorry, it really is pretty grim now that I look back on what I have written

The GOOD news is that karma is not just a "b#@CH" but a GOOD thing two

You see, esteemed reader, there is a LAW OF OPPOSITES in effect in this universe

Everything has an opposite

Every downside has an upside

Every reason NOT to buy is just as equally a reason to be (please feel free to get in touch with me and I will be more than happy to explain why this is)

For now, you have to make a choice:

Are you in it for your paycheck and job security?


Are you in it to try and help people out?

The people that you have been entrusted to look over as a sales and marketer are your customers

Are you going to do what is good for them or what looks good on your HR evaluation?

Are you going to make EVERY effort to serve your customer by growing THEIR marketing plan?

Or are you going to be relegated into the ranks of the nameless masses who were simply there to fill out forms, create pretty graphics and fancy-sounding rhetoric that accomplishes nothing but makes you are your boss feel good




Husain Zaidi
(425) 835-3581

Sales is SMILES, Marketing is MEASUREMENT

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