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Sales and Marketing by Association
November 04, 2011

Sales and Marketing by Association

Sales and marketing by ASSOCIATION means that you do EVERYTHING except sell and market in order to make a good impression on your customers...


That first sentence may not have made complete sense and so I will spend a few words explaining myself:

(i) What is the LAST thing you should talk about?
(ii) WHO are YOU most intersted in?
(iii) WHAT do you want?

(i) What is the FIRST thing a customer EXPECTS you to talk about?
(ii) WHO is the customer most interested in?
(iii) WHAT does the customer WANT?

As you can see, these questions are related and instead of bore you by answering them, let us discuss the IDEA behind them.

Firstly, scratch your own AGENDA and understand that the CUSTOMER agenda is yours! That means that, in essence, the first 3 questions should not exist! At least, you should start with what your customer wants and work your way BACK in order to MAP what they WANT to your own NEEDS.

This is all very high-level and perhaps even mystical - what do you expect after a 3 week hiatus?! - and so let me explain sales and marketing by association another way for you: it means dressing nice and wearing nice polished shoes; the shoes and suit - or dress! - does not speak, but it DOES, by association.

It means being NICE and PROFESSIONAL at ALL times to EVERYONE.

It means thinking about your business DAY and NIGHT and DAY.

It means that when someone - anyone! - talks to you, those that know you well enough will realize that you will probably start off or end off talking about what you do at some point (in the middle of a FANTASTIC dinner party for your "industry networking group").

Sales and marketing by association boils down to the one word that answers the SECOND iii): F-U-N:

Make SURE that your customers have the MOST fun.

Make SURE that your customers are delirious.

Make them have a jolly good time, what.

Anything you do, say or THINK that positively shapes your customer's perception is called sales and marketing by association!


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