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Sales, Marketing and Advertising: Past, Present and Future
January 08, 2016

Sales, Marketing and Advertising: Past, Present and Future

Greeting Sales and Marketer!

Why is it both necessary and desirable to understand sales and marketing of past and present in order to peer into the future? Well, I am sure the whole thing makes sense if you put it like that!

Quite simply, along with amorphisms like, "history repeats itself" we are seeking to understand the causes inherent in the changing marketplace and the resulting mode of customer behavior we see today

In order to accomplish this, let us do away with the most basis of distinctions first:

PAST 1:many Promotional This sales and marketing mode is best represented by the caricature, "if you build it, they will buy it" and "build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door"

The advertising in this gilded age consisted of stern pronouncements that sought and permitted no response (apart from the customer obeying the dictates of the marketing voice and purchasing whatever product was being promoted)

The customer could not interact with the advertiser beyond listening to the marketing message and performing the purchasing function. As such the nature of the message is nothing beyond a series of announcement about the features and quality of a certain product and injunctions to buy i

PRESENT 1:1 We have now moved, along with the customer, into the land of one-on-one conversation. Each opportunity to communicate your marketing message to your customer becomes, as well, an opportunity to spawn reciprocal engagements where the customer can share thoughts, feelings, questions, comments and other feedback

The advertising of the present age should be more customer-centric but unfortunately this is not so (see "you"-sales and marketing). The customer is still not the central focus of the conversation, as much as we have now included them in this

As for making the most of the present mode of Interactive Marketing Communication we must learn to gather information and input on every and all channel of communication with our customer including each of the various online forums our customer is accustomed to attending as well as attendant identifying information such as their phone number and e-mail address

(One of the most overlooked opportunities of the present Age of Mass Marketing is the utilization of a Mass E-Mail Marketing strategy that allows you to build, grown and manage your e-mail marketing activities. Remember that many successful bloggers and brands consider their e-mail list to be the crown jewels in their arsenal of money-making marketing tools. Sending mail to your list becomes like having your own person ATM machine, we are told… :)

FUTURE The playing field of communications has been made level when we enter the realm of the mass instantaneous communications of social media. Here, everybody gets to say something and the conversation is no longer controlled by corporate entities who then in turn purchase advertising on one or more centralized marketing channel platforms

How to interact with multiple people in a one-to-many fashion is the subject of many books on networking and the like. Just remember that in social media marketing, the conversation has to be social and that you cannot engage in a professional discussion and start promoting your business as you do with usual promotional marketing

The conversation is now outside of your own personal control. Where and how it takes place depends on your audience and you only have the power to be a - willing or unwilling! - participant in conversations that are taking place around your product(s), service(s) and brand

The advertising that characterizes the new Age of Social Media is one of engagement in shared lifestyles. You have to ask yourself the question: what is it that is attracting all of these people to your brand? The answer is that your brand is the personality of your business

In order to accomplish the task of bringing together the past, present and future of sales, marketing and advertising we can simply direct our attention towards the progressive realization of these natural steps going from the customer engagement activities of past days and extrapolating that into present and future

ENGAGEMENT 1:many --> 1:1 --> many to many

MARKETING Promotion --> Engagement --> Conversation

CHANNEL Outbound --> Inbound --> Online

Just think of where you are in each of these steps and try and base future outcomes on scenarios that take the greater adoption of this path of marketing communications progress into account. Where you are now may be working for now but unless you move from there into new modes of customer engagement and relationship-building you will soon find that the outmoded sales and marketing ways of the past - and even present - no longer work in the future

Cheers, Husain



Husain Zaidi
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