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"Selling" Without Selling
July 23, 2013

"Selling" without Selling

"Selling" without selling means just that

Greetings Sales and Marketer:

In the “Book of Five Rings” “ by Miyamoto Musashi one of the disciplines of the path of the Samurai is not to have any ulterior motives

When I “sell” I simply have one goal in mind which is to be allowed the opportunity to engage the customer in a future meeting

If you are allowed – or invited – to visit or communicate with your customer again then the sales process is ongoing, otherwise it is not

This is just like in business itself which is about creating customers; if you are, you are not in business and if not then you simply are not

Sales and marketing is nothing more than creating an ENVIRONMENT for PROSPECTS to become CUSTOMERS and then MEMBERS

If you are trying to do ANYTHING other than gain their TRUST and BUILD a RELATIONSHIP you are wasting time for the most part

Of course, your product and service must be a fit and this is what you should be trying to confirm when you initially ENGAGE a customer (not "sell")

Qualification is something that I have written about in a great deal of detail in my articles on Cold Calling (

Remember that in a sales or any other conversation, the person doing the QUESTIONING and LISTENING is the one in CONTROL. Whatever “selling” is, it is not about talking

Remember that there are only three things you have to worry about with regards to PERSUADING a customer: TRUST and NEED and PRICE. Price is relative to VALUE

Remember that you are looking for either someone with your PERSONALITY that you CLICK with like best friends or someone with an URGENT need who you can then educate

The more you try and do something the harder it gets and so therefore sell more by not “selling” at all


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