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Success is Achieved Through Other People
February 25, 2018

Success is Achieved Through Other People

Greeting Sales and Marketer!

Success happens through other people one person at a time!

You know what is really funny? What is really funny is people who want to succeed - so bad! - but do not realize that the way to success is through other people

Whatever you want in life is currently under the power or in the possession of someone else: that new job or car or house or relationship or opportunity…

Whatever you want to accomplish or achieve in life will always be through other people and so what of those who shun others or do not take steps to become "people friendly"

Now, understand, people are people! Dogs bark, monkeys swing through trees and elephants walk through the savannah swinging their trunks

At the same time, people are (mostly) petty, judgemental and self-centred

You can devote all of your time and energy into trying to love on and serve others but do not expect to be able to change human nature

You can change the world but you cannot change people; no matter how well you treat your customers - and people in general! - you cannot (always) expect them to "come round" (to your way of thinking)

Their will always be people that oppose or just do not get you. Your good intentions will always be misconstrued by a certain segment of the public in general and that is just the way things are!

So, what are you gonna do?

Well, if you are like most people - "professional" or otherwise! - you are going to eventually become cynical…

It is very hard dealing with people on a purely giving basis, trying to keep your intentions sincerely focused on the other person and helping and bettering their situation

People are just not going to get this about you, no matter how sincere you are in your efforts

People are just too used to being ripped off and therefore you are always going to have that segment of your target audience who ignores or, worse, rejects you

Nevertheless, you must persist and you must become that person who "rises above" and becomes a paragon of goodwill and good interaction

You have to keep putting your content and your message out there

You have to keep making phone calls and customer visits

You have to keep trying new marketing campaigns

At the end of the day, the one thing that you can count on is what they teach in Amway, which is…

"Some will, some won't, so what? Somewhere, someone will!"


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Husain Zaidi
(425) 835-3581

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