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The 4 Rules of Marketing
July 21, 2013

The 4 Rules of Marketing

Marketing includes sales as a vital function and asks, WHO and WHERE your customer is, HOW to reach them and WHAT to say to them


The "s" in sales should also stand for "single" just like the "m" in marketing means "multiple". I have written about this on, how this is the only difference between the two disciplines. You can - and should - sell electronically - and virtually - and marketing in person (such as at a tradeshow or other newtworking event). The integrated marketing communication tools you use for both are the same (and, basically, ALL channels available to you)

Taking this a step back, what is sales but a subset of marketing? I could make the argument that marketing is a subset of sales in that you use brochures and such to sell. However, this definition misses the mark in my mind. Sales is just one tool used by marketing in order to process ("close") individual customers. Remember: you can be in BUSINESS with no sales but NOT without marketing

With regards to the 4 questions of marketing, these are self-evidently correct. This means that trying to explain why these are the correct questions to ask is bordering on an exercise in futility. Everyone - including your "layperson" clients - will understand and agree with these four questions. Writing about what they mean is pretty meangingless as well. The real work of your markeing brains and engine should be ENGAGING your client in order to get ANSWERS to these questions

Here is where it gets tricky: you may have thought that I have made the leap in going from "business" to "consultant" thinking with that last point but as a marketing department - or person - your customer - who you SERVE - is the sales team. THEY are the ones who should tell you what to say at the very least, don't you think? Your job is then to STANDARDIZE this across all marketing channels available and provide training materials and collateral to salesfolks with UNIFIED and COHESIVE messaging

1) The funny thing about WHO your customer is becomes the realization that you do not KNOW until a given number of people have purchased from you

2) WHERE is your customer both ONLINE and OFFLINE? Where do they do a lot and where can you catch their attention with your important message?

3) HOW do you reach them? Figuring out where your window of opportunity is and how to present yourself to their potential MINDSPACE is key (what does the COMPETITION do?)

4) Please do not come up with with something other than WHAT your BEST salespeople are ALREADY telling customers. Otherwise, you must go out in the guide of RESEARCH and COMMUNICATE with people and see how they RESPOND

Go back to the basics always and just re-implement them from SCRATCH whenever you are STUCK


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