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the #WAR of saLes and mARKeTiNg
February 21, 2016

the #WAR of saLes and mARKeTiNg

Greeting Sales and Marketer!

What is Sales and Marketing?

What is WAR?

1) ViSiON 2) ReSourCe$ 3) PLaN 4) ExeCuTioN 5) ComPeTioN 6) DeFeaT 7) EvaLuATiOn 8) NEXT (battle!) 9) ViCToRy

(guys, PLEASE pick up and read - or at least bRoW$e on! - "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu and "The Book of Five Rings" by Miyamoto Musashi)

You get2work PRAYiNG that your boss/ partner($) is not waiting around at your desk for an update on your latest DEAL$ (…by the wAy, do not expect anyone ELSE to close YOUR business for YOU!)

Getting past the 80% of aDMiNisTrATiVe "stuff" - excel spreadsheets, forecasts, reports, mindless meetings, etc - and spending time on the PHONE or IN-PERSON with your customer($) is the main challenge in Sales and Marketing (as far as I can see). IF: you are NOT 1) reaching out to OLD as well as NEW customers on a REGULAR basis + 2) spending "TALK TIME" with those customers; THEN: I am afraid 2hav2 report that you will be out of business sooner or later, my dear reader

Why is that?

Well, just think about what your COMPETiTiOn is doing right NOW: it is enough2 put the FEAR of GoD in you!!!

Remember that while you are spending time at the coffee cooler flirting with that HOT new HR "person", your competitors are talking2 their customers and…. Guess what? They are taking away from YOU and your BRAND

So think of that next time you want to take the (rest of the) day off to practice your golf swing or whatever. My whole thing is, go right ahead, PLAY golf, but can you at least check your EMAiL - and Tweet$! - while you are at it? Can you make a couple of calls in between fishing your ball out of the rough and wondering why your cabbie keeps staring at you with a frown? Can you NETWORK and perhaps hand out a few BUSINESS CARDS? I say that if you can do all of that then you deserve to be at the golf course all year round (…and, yes, you would be living in Cupertino or PaLo ALTo ;)

My point is that BUSiNESS is 24/ 7: right now there are - literally! - BiLLiON$ of people online who are looking for 1) INFORMATiON; 2) VALUE; 3) ENTERTAiNTMENT or (at least) something that they find 4) INTERESTiNG

Out in the FiELD you have the same thing: business owners and managers of all sorts and stripes have 1) PAiN$ and 2) NEED$ that it is YOUR job as a Sales and Marketing "professional" to DiSCOVER and UNCOVER

How do you do that?

Here, again, are the "Four Fundamentals of Marketing":

1) WHO is my customer 2) WHERE is my customer 3) HOW do I reach my customer 4) WHAT do I say to my customer

You need to develop a reputation as a hard-nosed PROFESSiONaL who is not interested in anything except getting to work by getting IN FRONT of customers and ENGAGiNG them by whatever means necessary. You are that guy/ gaL who sends out ARTiCLE$ 2your folks and keeps in touch with them via QUARTERLY phone calls on in-person meetings (hey, coffee works just fine2! ;)

Remember that you are in "in it" to make SALE$ but to build RELATiONSHIPS

Do not WORRY about whether your customer is going2BUY

Worry, instead, about how they perceive your BRAND

"There is enough light for (the) one who wants to SEE"

Cheers, Husain



Husain Zaidi
(425) 835-3581

Sales is SMILES, Marketing is MEASUREMENT

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