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The Magic of Sales and Marketing
March 15, 2011

The Magic of Sales and Marketing


Sales and marketing is like magic when it comes together and works well. Is yours?

A well-executed sale or marketing activity is a sight to behold. Do you know what I mean when I talk about the magic of sales and marketing? I mean the top-performing salesperson who seems to make deals happen effortlessly and closes twice as much business and the next best salesperson. Or the marketing offer that is practically irresistible and compels nearly everyone who reads it to take action. I am sure you know what I mean by now and so the question is, how can you make it happen?

The wrong way to approach sales and marketing – or any other endeavor in life – is to think that it is a matter of luck or simply waiting until the day that everything magically falls into place. You will not become a sales superstar just by waiting, nor will you become a marketing master by yourself out of the blue. What you require to succeed in this and anything else is persistent effort coupled with a desire to be great. You can make magic happen in your business and here is how...

(1) Learn

You can learn from your successes and you can learn from your failures. You can always learn something from every interaction with a customer. What you learn does not have to be an earth-shattering revelation, simply a tip or insight that will help you succeed and improve going forward. All that success boils down to is developing a learning mindset, being aware that you can always know more and then seeking to apply the little things you pick up along the way on the path of experience.

(2) Be Patient

Success does not happen overnight and you will not become a sales and marketing genius in one day either. Rather, commit yourself to a lifetime process of developing yourself and growing your business one step at a time. If things are not going as well as you would like, sit back and think over what you are doing and what you can change. The wrong approach is to become fretful or play the blame game thinking that the economy or something else is the problem. Learn and grow and things will change with time.

(3) Do it Right

A big part of what it takes to succeed in sales and marketing is to apply your learnings. You must never just do something simply because that is all you know. Rather, seek to do the best and most appropriate thing always. If a customer resists your approach then take a step back and figure out what works. Doing the same thing which does not work over and over again will only lead to the same results and frustration. As you grow, you will begin to develop the “sixth sense” that is part of the magic of doing things right. Then, results will happen by themselves.

(4) Forget Yourself

Stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about your customer instead. How can you serve them better or add more value through your product or service? Can you enhance your customer's experience in doing business with you? You may not always run into people who appreciate your sincere efforts but that does not mean you should stop. Keep at it, keep doing the right thing and soon enough you will develop a following of loyal customers. It is only by planting seeds one at a time that you will eventually be able to reap your harvest.

(5) Find Your Groove

If something does not feel right then there is a good chance that you should change what you are doing. This applies to sales and marketing as well as everything else. What you should be looking for is what athletes call the ”zone”, that state of mind and attitude where you are following a natural process that unfolds to bring you ever greater rewards. You should be passionate about what you are doing first and foremost. You should enjoy doing business and interacting with your customers and it should not be dull, tiresome or just work.

Keep focused on your vision and persist in being excellent in order to discover the magic of sales and marketing!


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