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The Rhythm of Sales and Marketing
August 18, 2010

The Rhythm of Sales and Marketing


Sales and marketing is a dance where you must be attuned to rhythm in order to succeed.

Have you ever heard of the term “sales tension”? This and similar phrases are used to describe the dynamic nature of sales and marketing, the constant back and forth that exists between yourself and your customer. In order to succeed, your job is not to force the customer one way or another but rather follow the natural progression of movement that binds both of you to the same process. Does that sound too esoteric for you? Here, then, are some concrete steps for you to take in order to make rhythm happen:

1. Be Aware: Listen and be receptive to what your customer is telling you. Gather information and do research before suggesting a solution. In sales and marketing you must first receive before you give. Be open to what is happening when your customer engages and then throughout the sales and marketing process. What do they need? What do they need to know? Before any move you make you must first gauge what your customer is saying and doing.

2. Be Responsive: The worst thing in the world of sales and marketing is the cookie-cutter professional who is ready to prescribe solutions without listening to a word a customer has to say. Or, worse, pretending to listen and then prescribing the same old thing to each and every customer as if they hadn’t heard a word the customer said. Stop. Listen. Respond.. Remember that you are engaged in a dialogue and not a monologue and that your customer is part of the process.

3. Be Flexible: Building on point 2, remember that sometimes the best agenda is to have no agenda at all. Like the Zen master says, “you cannot receive unless you first empty your cup.” True sales and marketing is consultative which means that you first assess what your customer needs and then prescribe accordingly. If you have the wrong preconceptions about what your customer needs and wants then you will end up stepping on their toes and ruining the magic of the moment.

4. Be Patient: Sometimes you will find that you know where the progression of steps in the sales and marketing process is going before your customer does. In sales and marketing the temptation becomes to start prescribing a solution without letting your customer discover your solution for themselves. Remember that your customer needs to learn your story and that there is a set number of steps that you must lead them through in order to be successful. Slow down and wait for them.

5. Be Guiding: Where the rhythm of sales and marketing differs from, say, ballroom dancing is that your purpose is to help guide your customer to a solution. What solution? One that you arrive at jointly as a result of your devotion to your customer’s best interests coupled with their trust in you as a result. Together you feel each other out and build a relationship based on finding out what works best to help solve your customer’s wants and needs. Enjoy the dance and remember that every step should either build the relationship or progress towards a solution.

When you understand the rhythm of sales and marketing every interaction with a customer or prospect becomes enjoyable. Some will dance with you and others will not. With each customer you will learn more about yourself as well as them. Follow your intincts. Do not force things. Observe everything, allow the process to unfold and very soon you will become a master at making business happen while making customers happy!


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