Advertising Is Art

by Henry Marwick
(Hampstead, UK)

I think that good advertising is as much a part of our culture as movies and other art and I think that your excellent article proves it! Advertising is no different from other art, if you think about it; you are trying to convey a central message in the most creative way possible.

I guess with art, however, you are not really trying to convey a specific message, more a sense of emotion. Still, the object of both good art and good advertising is to engage the viewer and get them thinking. In the case of advertising, this is thinking towards a commercial end.

I am sure a lot of great visual artists could be successful in the field of advertising, just as many script and story writers - not to mention comedians and other people of wit - could be great copywriters. There is a certain "zing" in both good art and good advertising that appeals universally.

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Jul 13, 2011
Thank You
by: Hussain

I appreciate the great post, Henry!

I very much agree that both advertising and art are very similar in terms of trying to create an emotional response from the viewer. As you have noted, both have very strong cultural associations as well, especially in the present age of commercialism. I guess that the main difference between advertising and art is that commercial aspect in that with the former we are trying to get people to do something and eventually buy something (although with art, I suppose it is often and advertisement for itself!).

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