(Your) Advertising Marketing Strategy

Your advertising marketing strategy should be a logical extension of your marketing communication plan and in this article I will cover off the basics of creating an effective advertising plan for your business. As with most components of sales and marketing, advertising can be approached by answering a series of fundamental questions that will keep you on track and help you create an advertising approach that makes sense for your business.

In creating an advertising strategy that works you should be looking at what kind of advertising will suit your product(s) or service(s), what message you want to promote and what the goal of your advertising efforts are to be. The main thing to keep in mind is that there is no standard way of advertising and what you should be aiming for is to develop an advertising approach that works for you and gives you the best results possible. My approach throughout www.sales-and-marketing-for-you.com has always been to give you the building blocks that will allow you to create the sales and marketing program that works best for you.

Get help with your advertising marketing strategy or share your expertise and experiences!

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What Advertising Marketing Strategy?

A lot of the time businesses search out a "silver bullet" that they think will help generate sales and create tremendous growth as if by magic. I often get asked to help create cold calling scripts that will help do just that and advertising is another areas where people seem to believe they can produce out-of-this-world results if only they can come up with the right idea. While it is not always possible to "hit the jackpot" in any endeavor advertising should be treated in a scientific and methodical fashion just as every other component of your sales and marketing program. Success in advertising or anything else should not be about luck.


In answering the question of what kind of advertising should be the centerpiece of your advertising marketing strategy, there is once again no “right” answer. The kind of advertising you utilize and what works for your will depend on your business. While the staggering number of ways of advertising that are now available to you may seem overwhelming, here are some simple tips to help you on  your way:



The options you have available in putting together a customized advertising marketing strategy for your business are practically limitless. There are so many new and innovative ways of advertising online and offline that it is practically impossible to explore them all. The good news is that you can explore many of these by investing your time and without having to spend a lot of money. Take the time to avail yourself of the people and resources available to you; many advertising programs offer a lot of free help and value for newbies

Cost vs Quality

Low cost does not have to mean low quality and this is the case in the world of advertising as well. I have written about how <cheap-web-advertising>Google Adwords provides a high value, low risk entry point into the world of online advertising. There are many other programs you can look into where the advertising model allows you to try things out at a low cost and build from there. At the same time, beware of investing in a low quality program that is cheap but also reflects in a poor way on your brand


Do What Works 

I am often asked what the best kind of sales and marketing is for a specific kind of business. Being that I am not an expert in every kind of business I will usually ask my clients what kind of things work for their competitors. If most car manufacturers advertise on TV then there must be a reason for that. Similarly, why not try those things that other businesses in your industry are engaged in? Along with your own experimentation, you can begin to put together an advertising marketing strategy that bears fruit for you


Grow Organically

Real success always comes as the result of slow and steady effort and rarely a “one off” activity that changes everything overnight. Rather than look for a drastic and game-changing advertising idea or program or strategy you should inculcate a mindset of taking “baby steps” in figuring out the best advertising marketing strategy for your business. Do not put all of your eggs in one basket and do not pin your hopes on far-fetched promises of instant success and hordes of new customers. Rather, start small, experiment, add and adjust.

What Advertising Marketing Strategy Message?

A big part of sales and marketing is in coming up with a unique differentiation strategy and this is especially important in formulating your advertising strategy. Your advertising should be based on 1 or 2 things that set you apart from your competitors and that form the basis of your brand value. In most advertising you have but a single moment in which to connect with people and deliver a valuable message in a meaningful way. This limited opportunity is made all the more critical due to the fact that people are inundated with sales and marketing messaging nowadays and block most of it out.


There are certainly instances where simple informative advertising yourself is enough and you do not need to invest in coming up with creative advertising ideas. For example, a listing in the Yellow Pages or on a cable TV channel, or flyers and signage may not require a lot of creative input. However, in most cases you will still have an opportunity to extend your brand and apply creative messaging as you put together the various pieces of your advertising marketing strategy.


My best advice in coming up with creative messaging for your advertising efforts is to engage the effort of a creative advertising consultant such as myself. You may already have a creative message that works and resonates with your customers as well as a recognizable logo and other elements of a strong brand. Even so, you may still be able to benefit from the advice and ideas of advertising experts who can help you craft a memorable message that will make your advertising marketing strategy that much stronger.

What Advertising Marketing Strategy Goal?

The goal of your advertising strategy should be the same as the goal of all of your sales and marketing efforts in general and that is to build relationships. As opposed to having an objective of more sales, successful businesses nowadays seeks more customer engagements.  Instead of utilizing a push approach of using advertising to make promotional announcements, savvy sales and marketing professionals today utilize a pull approach where your objective is to draw customers towards the overall mystique of your brand and get them to interact with you.


Permission Marketing is a key concept in modern sales and marketing and should be an integral piece of your advertising marketing strategy. With Permission Marketing you are asking your customer for permission to stay in touch with them – usually via email – and it is the mindset that is the most important part of this process. Firstly, you are recognizing that having access to your customer’s mindshare is a privilege and not a right. Secondly, your goal is simply the opportunity to stay in touch with your customers and forge an ongoing series of two-way interactions over time (as opposed to nonstop one-way sales and marketing blasts).


The goals of your advertising marketing strategy may ultimately been an increase in sales or market size. Or you may simply be interested in touching a certain amount of people - reach - a certain number of times - frequency - per campaign. Your goals may not always be quantifiable and should include the high level considerations I have talked about in this article. At the end of the day, if you apply the correct guiding principles in coming up with a successful advertising strategy then these will form the basis on top of which you can continue to build a successful program.

Get help with your advertising marketing strategy or share your expertise and experiences!

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