Are Some People Just More Social?

by Matthew Pinney
(Lancaster, UK)

I have a friend who, while not a sales and marketing professional per se, is an absolute genius with social media marketing. I think most people will have a few such friends on Facebook and other social media sites, people with hundreds of friends and connections who always seem to be able to start a lively conversation.

I have often wondered what the secret to success with social media marketing is... is there really a magic formula that I can learn and become just like these friends or is it more of a natural kind of trait that some people are born with, just like good social skills. I know social skills can be learned and therefore I am hoping and assuming that social media marketing is a learnable skill as well!

I think a big part of being successful using social media sites in sales and marketing is to become a "people" person (or people company, if you know what I mean!). There is a certain quality that expert social media marketers have, or should I say a number of qualities like being friendly, unassuming and so forth. It's not about trying to be too nice either, but a balance where you are at once down-to-earth, exciting and relevant.

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Nov 05, 2015
Are Some People Just More Social? NEW

Yeah I think it's really that way. I can meet a person on the street begin a conversation and make a friend such way though my boyfriend can't do such things. He just can't talk to unknown people for him.

May 30, 2011
Thank You
by: Hussain

Thanks for the great post, Matthew!

Your comments are very thought-provoking and in fact boil down to the philosophical question of, "can anyone who applies themselves succeed?" Motivation gurus will tell you yes but firsthand experience shows that some of us are just more inclined and suited for certain endeavours than others.

In any case, I hope my pointers help and I am sure that if nothing else, continuing to learn and apply what we learn is how we become better sales and marketing professionals, right?

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