Building A Social Media Following

by Deborah S.
(Tungsten, NY)

I love how you have highlighted in bold, "social media marketing is not about having the most friends and then spamming them!", etc. I think that this is a point that a lot of us miss and I myself used to think of sites like Facebook in this way. That being said, don't you think that a goal of social media marketing is, eventually, to have a large following? I mean, you can't really say that a company is good at it unless they have built up a fanbase, right?

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Jun 01, 2011
Thank You
by: Hussain

Thanks for the post, Deborah!

I think you are right and that you need to take both of these statements together in that social media marketing is not about having a lot of people on in your contacts who you can then spam! You are absolutely right in that, at the end of the day, the goal is to build a large following... in fact, thinking about it, I am going to re-read my article and make sure I am not missing this fact.

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