Business Sales Leads:
Identifying Company Contacts

The quality of business sales leads is measured based on whether they provide information on the right company and the right individual contact within that company. I have already written about creating calling lists of companies and so this article is about how to follow up with that information and provide tips on how you can figure out who the right contact in a given company is along with their contact information.

I am a firm believer in doing work in order to get results and this is no different in sales and marketing. While paying for lists and investing in other lead generation and prospecting solutions and services is not always a bad option, it does not provide a magic way for you to end up with lists of people who you can call and simply take orders from! You must manage the process in order to get the results you want and there is often no substitute for prospecting yourself.

Get help with business sales leads for your market or share your expertise and experiences!

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Business Sales Leads Contacts

Let's say you have compiled a list of companies to call: now what? Assuming you have qualified your company list in terms of size, industry, location and any other pertinent characteristics that make them a good fit for you, who should you call within those companies? Here are tips on how to figure out who to talk to and what the contact information for business sales leads is:


You may be surprised how easy it is to just ask the front desk for a specific person in a company. In my IT sales past, I have had great success asking for that most elusive of people, IT Managers, with a polite: “Do you have an IT manager there I can speak with, please?” As well, it is often very helpful to ask for the person in a formal fashion such as: “Can you put me through to the person responsible for managing your technical support helpdesk operations, please?”

Business Sales Leads

Call High

The office of the CEO is a good place to call as well. If you have a strategic solution or are calling a small company, then you may need to speak with them in any case and they may direct you further. Your next call then has the CEO's referral and blessing (“Your CEO asked me to call you...”). Often you will end up speaking with the CEO's Administrative Assistant who will usually guide you on who you can call (“Can you help me out? I was wondering who manages...?”).

Call Wide

If you are calling a large company, it is especially useful to contact other people in general just because you never know who might put you in touch with the right person. I have had great success making random calls into large companies from names in a database or by looking up names online. As long as you are polite, people will often help you out if they know who you should be speaking with. If you get an answering message, make sure you make a note of the person's name!


LinkedIn is a great place to find contacts that fit a specific job description or title and you can do the same by doing basic Internet searches with Bing or Google. You will be surprised at what you find if you key in the company name you are interested in and the role, position or field that you are looking for contacts in. You can simply type in the company name and “manufacturing” or “operations” or whatever other area you are interested in.

Business Sales Leads Contact Info

Now that you have figured out who to speak with, what about their contact details? Phone numbers are not a problem because you can just call the main number. Nowadays, you will get an automated phone attendant for most companies and you can punch in the person's name. Email addresses are trickier and I always suggest figuring this out before calling because you want to follow up your call with an e-mail for business sales leads.

Why is it important to have an e-mail address before you call someone? From my perspective, this is usually vital because unless you call and email, the chances of someone getting back to you are slim to none. You will usually get a live person on the phone about a third of the time and get voicemail two thirds of the time. You should leaving a message saying that you will also e-mail and when you e-mail, refer to your phone message in order to make a double impression.

People Finder

Business Sales Leads

You can use a "people finder" website like in order to figure out e-mail addresses for contacts you are trying to get in touch with. Simply search for the company's e-mail alias by searching on their domain name without the ”www”. For example, the search above shows that e-mail addresses at are configured as which lets you figure out your contact's e-mail address (as long as you have their name!). If your contact's middle initial is part of their email address, you may need to do some more Googling to find out what that is. Also, bear in mind that some companies set up truncated e-mail addresses which are, say, 7 or 8 letters long. John Galloway might then become

Search usually scores e-mail addresses if there are any that can be found online but if that does not work, manual searches are often effective in figuring out e-mail addresses for business sales leads. Just search on ”” in Google or Bing and search through the results pages for an employee name (if Google does not return anything, try Google Groups which often has e-mail addresses that do not show up in a simple Google search!).

Business Sales Leads


If you have not been able to find the e-mail configuration of your contact using or Internet searches then you may find some valuable information through a Whois lookup. Websites like allow you to look up domain information including information on who the website is registered to. This sometimes contains the name of a person you can use to try and figure out the e-mail configuration for that company.

Business Sales Leads

A Note About Spam

The reason I share these techniques with you is that I have used them with much success and have never had someone get angry that I e-mailed them. I do not think e-mailing business sales leads is considered “SPAM” which is technically defined as Unsolicited Bulk E-mail (UBE). A sales e-mail is a business inquiry, just like picking up the phone and calling a company for a potential partnership opportunity. As long as you are polite and professional, you should be fine.

Get help with business sales leads for your market!

Free Sales LeadsSales Lead GenerationQualifying Sales LeadsSales Lead SheetSales Lead ManagementCold Calling TipsCold Calling Scripts TemplateCold Calling TechniquesAn Effective Cold Calling RoutineProspecting TipsSales Process ManagementBusiness Sales Leads Consultant

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