Buying Email Marketing Lists DOES NOT WORK

by Roy Pierce
(Laketown, MI)

This is great advice and I hope your readers will take heed! Buying email marketing lists in WHATEVER shape or form is downright shady and a BAD way to sell your product or service. People are always looking for a "silver bullet" in sales and marketing without having to do the HARD WORK of getting customers themselves.

Just think: if a company is in business through selling email marketing lists, how many people do you think have their hands on that list? Not to mention the fact that oftentimes there is no way of validating how good the data is or how old. Besides that, there is a basic rule of sales and marketing which is that you cannot PAY to get customers! (Paying for advertising is not the same thing!)

If you are a customer and you end up getting emails from an unknown company, how will that make you feel? If you do not like UNSOLICITED emails then how can you suppose that your customers will feel any differently? Seriously, if people just applied COMMON SENSE to their sales and marketing efforts, half of these spammers and bad companies would disappear overnight (not to mention the fact of giving legitimate email marketing companies a bad name!!).

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May 30, 2011
Thank You
by: Hussain

Thanks for the great post, Roy!

I think you have summarized the case against buying email marketing lists quite succinctly! At first, it may seem like a good idea to the novice sales and marketing professional, but it only takes some thought and analysis - as you have done - to understand what a bad idea it is. You not only run the risk of alienated your customer, you can get into serious trouble if you are branded a "spammer".

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