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My name is Husain Zaidi and I am the creator of Sales-And-Marketing-For-You.com. I try and make sales and marketing simple by providing you with practical advice you can apply right away. After over a decade of working for start-ups to Fortune 500 companies like Oracle and Computer Associates, I launched this Google Top 10 website and my own consulting practice. I am here to provide you with real world answers and help with most everything you need in sales and marketing. Ask me your question to get started...

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Magic happens when art, copy and idea come together to create what I like to call a "perfect" advertisement. The reason it is magic is because what happens is indescribable and nobody really knows how it happens. All that can be said is that the majority of people who view your ad - and get it! - will experience an emotional reaction and will therefore form a connection with your brand. Why this happens is part creativity, part sales and marketing and part mystery but the fact remains that good ads sell and there is a methodology for going about creating them.

Here is how I am going to help you create perfect ads for your business as your Certified Marketing Consultant:

Advertising Plan: Studying your customer is the first step in any sales and marketing activity and this includes in creating an Advertising Plan for your business. After looking at who you are advertising to, we can then study what your message will be and how you should communicate this. The cost of your planned advertising will determine the scope of your advertising efforts and you will also have a process in place to measure results so that you can continue to adjust your efforts to maximize your response rates. Starting with the basics I will help you construct an advertising plan that is perfect for your business

Advertising Strategy: Every advertising plan will have a creative as well as a media strategy which comprise what you are going to say and how. Beyond this, you may adopt a number of other strategies based on your budget, market and personal inclination. Are you aiming for a certain number of responses or simply trying to reach a certain number of people? Should your advertising be concentrated on a target group or geography? Are you looking for reach or repetition? Using my expertise as a Certified Marketing Consultant I will help you choose the strategies best for you

Advertising Techniques: Part of your creative strategy is what techniques or advertising appeal you are going to use. Your goal is to connect with your audience by creating an emotional response and it is likely you will utilize a number of tried and tested approaches to doing this. Do you want to create a feel good ad or one that plays on your customers' fear of loss or harm if they do not buy your product? Perhaps you want to create a lifestyle ad showing a happy family. Starting with a standard advertising technique and applying your imagination the options are endless and I will help you choose the right one

Creative Advertising Ideas: There are plenty of high-quality, superbly-produced ads that in my opinion are simply bad! In fact, the majority of advertisements out there, whether in TV, print, outdoors or online have plenty of style but lack in substance. The key to creating a perfect ad is a great idea which is then coupled with art and copy in order to create advertising magic. I will guide the creative process as your Certified Marketing Consultant in creating the perfect ad for your business that will generate results

Ask me for a free personalized report on Advertising for your product, service or idea...

Marketing 101

Marketing theory is well and good but how do you make sense of it all? And how do you apply it to your business, idea, product or service? That's where an experienced certified marketing consultant like me can help you.

I will makes sense of sales and marketing by distilling theory into concrete principles that are relevant for you. I will extract specific tactics you can apply right away for greater success. I can show you:

• How to create marketing plans to increase sales
• How to market specific products and services
• How to master Marketing Mix Management
• How to create a Marketing Communication Plan
• How to fine-tune for optimal positioning
• How to utilize the 4 "P"s / 7 "P"s of Marketing
• How to generate marketing ideas that work
• How to use strategies like Guerrilla Mrketing
• How to create sales leads
• And much more...

1. Send me your question or challenge
2. Read my feedback and advice
3. Decide if my approach makes sense

If you are new to business or sales and marketing then you now have an invaluable resource to help you: me! Lean on my certified marketing consultant experience for quick answers or in-depth consulting.

Ask me for a free personalized report on Marketing 101 for your product, service or idea...

Brand And Marketing Strategy

Are you clearly positioned with regards to the unique benefits you offer customers? What is your "Brand Of One"? Put my expertise as a brand marketing consultant to work for you.

As your certified marketing consultant I cover everything from retail to B2B to residential, manufacturing to technology to food to hospitality, inside to field to onsite, small business consulting to enterprise sales and marketing.

My vast experience means I provide you with ideas, strategy and tactics that work. I am your single point of contact for making sense of everything sales and marketing to create results for you.

SWOT Analysis: Have you examined all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing your enterprise? I am not an expert in your field but I am a certified marketing consultant and strategy expert.

Brand Marketing: With so much time and money invested in your enterprise, it does not hurt to have expert advice in helping with your brand-building strategies and tactics. Let me help bring your brand to life.

General Strategy: Is your marketing strategy aligned with your sales strategy? Do you have a business to business marketing strategy that will work? Let me help you find the right mix of tactics to succeed.

1. Send me your sales and marketing challenge
2. Read my feedback and strategy notes
3. Decide if my approach makes sense

Benefit from my extensive certified marketing consultant and brand marketing consultant experience. It never hurts to ask for expert advice and you have nothing to lose.

Ask me for a free personalized report on Brand And Marketing Strategy for your product, service or idea...

SEO Copywriting

Do you have a website Internet Marketing Strategy? Are you drawing enough traffic from Google, Yahoo, Ask and the other major search engines? The key to online web success is keywords AND content.

As your certified marketing consultant I will create online content for you that serves both your human visitors AND search engines. Just like you found me online, I can help your customers find you.

I am an expert Search Engine Optimization Consultant who can help you create traffic and an online presence. My unique approach combines expert writing with technical know-how.

HTML is not enough! I will help you create online traffic that builds on traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through HTML optimization AND quality content.

I can help you to analyze both keyword demand AND supply to create web content that is effective in engaging customers and ranks high with search engines.

1. Send me your website URL or topic
2. Read my feedback on "hot" keywords
3. Decide if my approach makes sense

I will build keyword-based, search engine optimized, content-rich and engaging pages one at a time for you in HTML. Trust a tech-savvy certified marketing consultant to succeed at SEO.

Ask me for a free personalized report on SEO Copywriting for your product, service or idea...

Messaging With "You" Sales And Marketing

Do your customers actually read and respond to your message or yawn and tune out? Are you having difficulty finding a marketing voice that works? An effective message is key to sales and marketing success.

I can help you create copywriting that sells and customer-centric messaging used by the most successful organizations. It all begins and ends with the customer and the word "you".

As your certified marketing consultant I provide copywriting expert services that will help you implement powerful "You" Sales And Marketing. Speak your customers' language and deliver key selling points directly.

• Address your customer - "You" - directly in their language and engage them in thoughtful dialog

• Focus on your customer's reasons for wanting to do business with you - benefits - and not just features and functions

• Use active sentences and actionable words and phrases to engage, inform and persuade

• Avoid the mistake of simply reading off a list of your virtues that turns off 80% of your readers

• Answer the question of what you do better than anybody that fulfills your customer needs and wants

• Turn "We are the best at [x, y, z]" into "we can help you accomplish [a,b,c] the best"

1. Send me your current messaging
2. Read my feedback and "Before / After" samples
3. Decide if my approach makes sense

Ask me for a free personalized report on "You" Sales And Marketing Copywriting, messaging and taglines for your product, service or idea...

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