Cheap Web Advertising with Google AdWords

Cheap web advertising begins with Google Adwords and in this article, I will take you through the basics of using this powerful advertising platform in order to help you promote your business. There is a reason that Google is the #1 web advertiser in the world - whose track record shows no signs of abating! - and the genius of creating the pay-per-click advertising model on top of their search platform is what powered the company to become the behemoth it is today. The best thing about Google Adwords is that it is FREE to get started with and you get what you are paying for, which is visitors to your website. What’s more, Google provides free help as well through their Adwords consultants who will help you get set up and started and well on your way to web advertising success.

Cheap Web Advertising

There are many different kinds of cheap web advertising out there and it bears mentioning these before digging into Google Adwords with gusto. The most common types of web ads are link and banner ads, both of which can be of the type of pay-per-click ads that Google offers. A variation on this are the annoying pop-up ads that most everyone hates but that perform well enough to make them a viable advertising alternative (kind of like junk mail flyers that most people get and trash without even taking a look at!). As well, you may have heard of affiliate advertising which, in one form or another, means that you will be paying a third-party website to drive traffic - clicks! - to your own website. In fact, what all of web advertising boils down to is just that concept: you are paying someone else to send traffic to you (the opposite of which is using a program like Google AdSense where you generate the traffic and get paid by advertisers for real estate on your own website!).

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Cheap Web Advertising:
Getting Started with AdWords

The way cheap web advertising with Google Adwords becomes FREE web advertising is if you can find an AdWords promotional coupon to get started with. What I suggest you do is a Google search for “AdWords coupon” and explore some of the offerings that come up. When I got started myself, it was by clicking on a Google ad for $100 of free advertising with Google Adwords. Similarly, if you can find and apply a valid coupon code, Google will run your first batch of ads for free. As I have mentioned, this includes consulting with a Google AdWords representative who will help you get set up. If you have trouble finding a coupon then what I suggest is to call the Google Adwords team at 1-855-331-2678 too see if they can help you out (remember to be polite!).

Cheap Web Advertising

Cheap Web Advertising: Keywords

Keywords are the bread and butter of Search Engine Optimization, which is making sure that your web pages can be found by major saerch engines like Google and Bing. I have already written extensively about how to write and optimize your web pages so as to rank highly with search engines in order for people to be able to find you online. I, myself, suggest using the unparalleled tools offered by Solo Build It!, which is what I have used to create The beauty of using SBI! is that everything is automated and you do not need any technical know-how whatsoever in order to be able to create a website that generates traffic. For the purposes of this article, however, let us assume that your website is already up and running and you are simply looking for cheap web advertising for your site (if you don’t have a website yet, read about how to set one up here!).

Cheap Web Advertisingmeasurement is an integral part of creating a successful advertising marketing plan!).

Once you have set up your AdWords account and have an idea of the kinds of keywords you are going to be using to attract visitors to your website, you will be spending most of your time creating and monitoring the ads in your various campaigns. As a starting point, you will tell AdWords how much money you want to spend on a daily basis and this will control how many “clicks” you receive based on the “cost per click” (CPC) of the keywords you are targetting. In addition, you can localize adds, run ads in specific languages and personalize your effort to a great degree using the various options and settings that AdWords puts at your disposal.

Cheap Web Advertising

Using AdWords can be as simple as creating 1 ad and just putting it “out there” to see what happens. What your Google AdWords consultant will advise, however, is that you create multiple ads with variations on the wording of your title and copy; this approach is certainly more scientific and has been the modus operandi of advertising greats throughout the ages. Further more, you can also categorize ads into different campaigns based on different products, markets or other distinctions. For example, you may have a campaign that targets one set of users of your product or service and other campaigns for other users. To make this crystal clear, say that you sell paint; one campaign can contain variations of ads targeting homeowners, while other campaigns can be directed towards artists, builders and so on. This is very important because it enables you to be more “you-centric” in your specific messaging for different campaigns and create an instant impact on each of your target groups.

Cheap Web Advertising: Summing It Up

Using Google AdWords is a “no brainer” if you are interested in cheap web advertising, as far as I am concerned. The reason for this is that, if you start off with $75 or $100 worth of free advertising credits, then you have nothing to lose. The beauty of AdWords is that you are only paying after someone visits your website by clicking on one of your ads that Google will place around the web. This is very different from traditional sales and marketing programs where you sometimes end up paying a lot for expensive efforts that do not provide a direct return on investment in terms of new business.

With AdWords - and online advertising in general! - you should get exactly what you pay for and if your website visitors do not convert to sales, then this is something that you need to work on at your end. As well, online advertising makes your advertising effort a scientific activity which you can plan, measure, monitor, adjust and experiment with like never before in order to achieve maximum results. AdWords does not have to be a high-maintenance project either and you can set it up and simply log in from time to time to see how your ads are doing.

I am a big believer in cheap web advertising, or any kind of low-cost sales and marketing effort, for that matter. You never know what is going to work for you and your business and there is absolutely no correlation between spending the most money and being the most successful. Make sure to check out my related articles on free marketing ideas, advertising and Guerrilla Markeing, which is all about how the small guy can beat out bigger, better-funded companies by using creativity instead of huge marketing budgets.

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