Cold Calling Blues

by Ben J.
(New Jersey)

I had a friend who used to say that if you run into a jerk on the phone then you should be happy because that takes care of your jerk quota for the week! :)

I just have to let off some steam about the President of a Company / IT Director I called yesterday who basically blew me off and hung up on me... I had already done some work for them - unpaid, of course - but this guy did not even want to give me the time of day!

How do you deal with a situation like that? I know what you would say, "find your Zen" or something like that!!!

Anyway, you basically just have to let things like that go, right? You really do have to try and be "compassionate" and just figure, well, the guy is just having a bad day or something...

Thanks for the great information on your site, by the way... whenever I am feeling down I can always come here to your cold calling section for some tasty nuggets!

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