Cold Calling Is Hard!!!

by Mitch Harris

I remember when I first started cold calling so many years ago; I didn't know what eventual career I was going to end up with and started working in telemarketing just to pay my bills. At first it was the most horrible thing in the world! I used to HATE going to work everyday and I used to look at people on the bus and think, "wow, lucky them, they have a NORMAL job."

Well, many years later, I am glad to say that I got over the initial horror of cold calls and went onto to become a successful enterprise IT salesperson. I have to say, though, that while I did eventually get the hang of cold calls and did not dread the process, there is still something about picking up the phone and calling complete strangers that does prick up the fear... it's like something you can never get rid of, although you get used to it.

All in all, however, the pain is worth the gain because sales is the most rewarding career in the world in terms of financially as well as the self-development you need to go through in order to become a great salesperson. I remember a sales mentor / trainer of mine so very long ago - actually, it was at one of those telemarketing companies if I am not mistaken!! - saying that in the beginning, sales is HARD but if that you keep at it, the "tap" eventually will turn on and once it does, it keeps on flowing...

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