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If you need a content advisor, let me offer you some tips and advice to get you started. If you like what you read here, feel free to ask for help coming up with the correct approach and content ideas for your business. The starting point of writing successful sales and marketing content is to be yourself and write just like you speak to your customers in real life! The worst mistake you can make with your sales and marketing content is to talk about how great your product or service is and sound like an advertisement without even addressing your customer directly.

Content Advisor

As a content advisor, I specialize in what I call ”You” Messaging. The focus is on “you” who is your customer. You should use the word “you” in addressing your customer directly instead of making the mistake of talking about your business as if to a third party (“we have been in business for so long”, “our products are designed to do such and such”, “our customers are very happy”). Nobody cares about you or your business, just about what you can do for them. Another aspect of "you" is making sure you put your personality into what you write!

Get help if you need a content advisor!

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Customer-Facing Content Advisor

I specialize in any sales or marketing copywriting that ends up in front of your customer. This includes your website, brochures, newsletters, communications and advertisements. Your goal in creating good content is, of course, to create more sales and the way to to this is to engage your customer by speaking to them directly and communicating your selling points as customer benefits. It is only if you can compellingly show your customer the value that is in it for them that they will be interested to read on!

Content Advisor

Can you show your customer what's in it for them? Can you do it right away? In the first sentence? Imagine you own a shop and are selling a particular good or service to someone. The wrong way to go about this – which is what most salespeople do – is to start talking about features and functions and about how great the product is. How about asking the customer what they want first? Once you figure out exactly what they are looking for – and why! - you can then speak to them about just that!

Taking that to the world of copywriting, as a content advisor my goal is to get inside the head of your customer and figure out what their problems are that you are solving. What do you change about their current situation to make it better? A lot of sales gurus will teach that unless you have a problem, you don't have a sale and I tend to agree with this. Even if your customer is looking for a particular benefit, the reason is that because what they current have or are using is not good enough, right? Find out the why and talk about that exclusively!

Website Content Advisor

If you Google – or Bing! - the websites of some of your competitors, what you will notice is that the sales and marketing messaging on those websites will either be what I call ”you”-centric or ”we-centric. The former use ”You” Messaging techniques meaning that they speak to you directly (“Are you looking for?” “Our products will help you...” “Here's how you benefit...”). The latter websites talk about the companies themselves (“We have been in business for...” “Our track record is superb...” “We offer the widest range of...”). Which one are you?

SEO Content Advisor

As a website content advisor, I can also help you in the area of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). This is about writing website content that includes the right keywords and strategy to get your web pages to rank highly with search engines. Search engine optimization is a highly competitive field and oftentimes, if you are ranked high today you may not be tomorrow. The only failsafe approach is creating lots of good content that is also keyword-optimized (“HTML and words that sell!”).

Brochure Content Advisor

Do you use sales and marketing brochures to advertise your services? If so, they should follow the same ”You” Messaging strategy of speaking to your customers as you would. There is something inherently illogical about creating a brochure that is so boring that you haven't read it yourself and yet expecting your customers to pick up the phone and call you after reading it! Why should they? Would you? With just a little work, a content advisor like myself can help you make the right tweaks to your current messaging in order to make it more compelling and effective. Even highly technical information can be made more appealing by using the techniques I have outlined here so don't just keep using what is not working.

Newsletter Content Advisor

If you are planning an email marketing campaign – or have one in place! - then I can help you develop the right tone and content for your ongoing email customer communications. As a content advisor I can not only guide you on the kind of emails that will be informative and interesting to your customers but can also give you help developing your own sales and marketing writing style. Newsletter content is similar to the kind of writing you would do for articles and blogs and can become part of your search engine optimization strategy as well as establishing you as a personable expert in your field.

Advertising Content Advisor

Advertising is all about the right creative idea and a catchy slogan, right? Well, that's what most people think but your advertising may just be a banner ad online or a flyer. Or it may be an ad for the Yellow Pages or a simple text ad for the newspaper. Whatever the case, you can – and should! - use ”You” Messaging in order to engage your customer and get your point across as effectively as possible (the point being that you can solve their problem better than anyone else). If there is room for additional creativity, that is something I can also help with as a content advisor in order to come up with the right ad and messaging that works.

Content Advisor Tips

Part of creating good content is serving your customer, which means that even if someone does not buy from you, your content should provide them with useful information. As well as being a helpful thing to do in general, providing tips, advice and insights help establish your credibility as an expert in your field. That is exactly what I am doing here, right? If you are looking for a content advisor then I want to show you that I know what I am talking about! If you decide to choose someone else or do the work yourself, at least you will have the benefit of my advice and perhaps you will touch base with me later to help you some more and demonstrate my value to you. Let me finish off with the following tactics on creating successful content:

• Start with a question

Questions are an integral part of the sales process and can be a great starting point for your sales and marketing copy as well. As a content advisor, I often start with questions that address the problems customers are facing that they are coming to you about. “Are you tired of...?” “Are you looking for...?” While these kinds of questions seem simple and straightforward, they are powerful and will pull your customer right into the discussion. After all, that is why they are interested in you, right? (Notice the effect of that question?)

• Use short sentences

Sales and marketing communications should not read like an essay! Break up what you are saying into short sentences in order to keep what you are saying readable and to maintain customer interest. It is also a good idea to break up your copy so that your writing is visually appealing. As a content advisor, a lot of what I do is taking what people already have in terms of existing communications and simply reworking it to make it more readable. Part of this process is to get rid of long-winded paragraphs and sentences that go on and on like a textbook. Depending on exactly what kind of content you need, shortest is sometimes sweetest!

• Be personable

Talking about textbooks, your content should not look like one nor sound like one either! What I mean by this is that, along with making your statements succinct, you should add some personality to your content. Great sales and marketing sounds just like a person talking to another person and that is where you want to be with your copywriting. You don't have to be the funniest or most wittiest person in the world in order to create great copy, simply write just like you are talking to someone. Have someone in mind, your ideal customer, and write just as if you were speaking to them. Isn't that easy? If you can say it, you can write it and if you write it then you should be able to say it (to a customer).

• Find a “hook”

Content Advisor

This is a big one and I am probably doing you an injustice as a content advisor by putting at all the way at the bottom... then again, I guess this is your reward for reading all of my content! Finding a good hook is what a lot of advertising is about and all I want to say is: it is not as hard as you might think! A lot of people don't consider themselves creative enough to come up with a good advertising or copywriting slogan or hook but just think about what you are good at and then simply find an angle. What do your customers like most about you? Is there something funny about what you do? How can you take your main selling point and create an outrageous situation in order to illustrate it? Send me an email with a link to your website and I will come up with and send you some “hooks” for free...

Get help if you need a content advisor!

Copywriting TipsCopywriting Information"You" MessagingSales and Marketing for "You"SEO CopywritingContent Advisor Consultant

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