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If the copywriting information you are looking for is how to copyright a book or written work then please read the wikiHow article "How to Copyright a Book" and visit the U.S. Copyright Office for FAQs, copyright basics and more information. The article below is about copywriting in Sales and Marketing!

You have come to the right place for information on and help with copywriting to attract customers... Draw on my expert help and the wealth of copywriting information and resources available at In this page I cover the basics of successful copywriting for sales and marketing as well as commonly asked questions.

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Copywriting Tips For Beginners (And Experts)SEO Copy Writing"You Messaging"Content Advisor Services

Copywriting Overviews:
Keys To Effective CopywritingWhy Good Copywriting?The "You" Factor"You" Marketing Samples

What Is Copywriting?

In sales and marketing "copy" is promotional writing aimed at engaging, informing and persuading your customers and prospects to do business with you. I have described the various venues for promotional sales writing in the Marketing Communication Mix section. The rules of successful copywriting apply everywhere written communication to your customers is involved.

It is up to you to choose methods of reaching out to your potential customers. As well as your website you may rely on more traditional ways of communicating with your target audience such as flyers, mailing lists, newspaper and magazine ads and the Yellow Pages. For help and advice on everything related to copywriting simply ask me for help.

Copywriting Information

What Is A Copywriter?

The role of copywriters has changed greatly since the days of David Ogilvy, William Bernbach and Leo Burnett. These men were master copywriters and advertising legends but the landscape of marketing today means shorter attention spans, a different socio-cultural environment and a need to utilize technology through techniques like SEO Copywriting.

That being said, the fundamental rules of copywriting have not changed and I touch on these in this Copywriting Information section and in Copywriting Tips For Beginners (And Experts). You can also enlist my one-on-one help on the Copywriting Expert Services page.

Why Good Copywriting?

My question as to what the importance of good copywriting is may seem redundant. After all, if you cannot convey a clear, thoughtful and engaging message to the market, how are you going to sell your product? There is more to good copywriting than this, however.

Read my copywriting PDF Why Good Copywriting? for a perspective on how words shape us as individuals and as organizations, and how the important of a precise message is more than simply selling our product, service or idea.

In my opinion the importance of words is often diminished or overlooked in our society. Just like a good book or movie a successful enterprise begins with a well-crafted story which shapes your plan, who your customers are, how you are going to succeed and what you message is. Your story and the words you use to convey your message are as unique as you are.

The Craft Of Copywriting

There a tremendous application of copywriting information available as a result of the role of this craft in not only sales, marketing and advertising but in the fields of public relations, broadcasting, journalism and almost every other large enterprise necessitating a degree of public interaction. Whatever endeavor you undertake you will at some point need to understand the art of communicating your message to the others to engage, inform and persuade.

The Rules Of Copywriting

In boiling down the basic rules of copywriting with regards to sales and marketing I would say the most important points for beginners are:

• Address The Customer: This is the most important aspect of my "You" Sales And Marketing philosophy and means talking to your customer and about them (i.e. their needs, their problems you will solve and the benefits you will provide)

• Be Natural: A great rule is to try and write as you speak. Try to avoid words, phrases and mannerisms that you do not usually say as these will seem forced and unnatural. There is nothing wrong with addressing your customer in print just like you would address a good friend in real life

• Be Compelling Try and put a little "oomph" in what you say. While this does not mean being melodramatic you should try and present an engaging message while trying not to sound "salesy". Use action verbs, be direct and assumptive. Tell the customer what you can do for them and why they are going to love you

There is no end to copywriting information and advice about various copywriting procedures for increasing sales, foolproof copywriting technique, creative copywriting, strategic copywriting and so on. If you keep these simple rules in mind you cannot go wrong. Talk to the customer in a natural way and keep it simple and engaging. There is no need to over-hype things beyond your natural enthusiasm.

My Copywriting Tips For Beginners (And Experts) page elaborates further on how this simple formula is expanded on via "You" Sales And Marketing.

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Copywriting Tips For Beginners (And Experts)SEO Copy Writing"You Messaging"Content Advisor Services

Copywriting Overviews:
Keys To Effective CopywritingWhy Good Copywriting?The "You" Factor"You" Marketing Samples

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