Creative Advertising Ideas

If you are looking for creative advertising ideas you can ask me and I will be happy to look at your business and provide you with some free advice. If not, I hope that the following article will help get you thinking about ways to kickstart your advertising marketing plan into action and generate more sales! What I will try and do, as always, is provide you with a block by block roadmap to help you brainstorm about better ways to grow your business. What I hope is that I can get you thinking creatively for yourself and that you will thus be able to build out a successful advertising campaign based on these ideas and advice.

Creative Advertising Ideas

When you think about advertising, most people think of print, TV or radio advertising which may be outside the scope of many businesses. What you should keep in mind is that any kind of media can be used for advertising and this can be the wall on the building outside your shop, quite frankly! What I am trying to say is that you should not limit your thinking to only traditional media types and this is the first step in being creative. After looking at what kinds of media you can use, I will discuss creative advertising ideas in terms of the message that you convey to your customers.

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Creative Advertising Ideas: Media

Advertising is generally described as the paid use of media in order to promote a marketing message but there is no reason that you cannot look at ways to advertise for free. It might just be getting permission to put a sign up on a wall or maybe you can trade some business products or services for an advertising opportunity, say at your local little league soccer tournament. I am a firm believer that if you are willing to try and think of and implement creative advertising ideas in terms of your choice of media, you can always find a way to get your message out there and be successful. This is exactly what Guerrilla Marketing is all about, the ability of the small guy – or girl! - to be as successful as bigger companies by using creativity instead of a big sales and marketing budget in order to succeed (or make better use of your limited budget!).

I would recommend that you read some of the marketing ideas that I have compiled with regards to the different kinds of media and approaches that you can use in advertising. Anything from napkins to sticky notes can be used as media when it comes to creative advertising ideas. One of the best ways of learning about great marketing ideas is to keep your eyes open and see what other business are doing. If you think, “wow, what a great idea!” then try and replicate it yourself if possible (cheating this way is called competition in business and is perfectly legal!). In any case, don’t limit yourself to what you have always been using in terms of media but think about newer ways to connect with customers both on and offline.

Creative Advertising Ideas: Message

I will spend more time talking about your message because this is probably what you need help with the most if you are looking for creative advertising ideas. Once again, I highly recommend reading my articles around Guerilla Marketing in order to get an idea of how you can use your media environment and location in order to use a specific advertising technique more creatively(think of buses that have ads that have ads that refer to your being on a bus!). Can you tie into current events in order to create more impact with your advertising? What I am trying to say is that your overall ad is actually more than just your media and message choices.

Creative Advertising Ideas

Try and think holistically about what kind of response your customer is going to have when they see your ad. Putting yourself in your customers shoes and actually visualizing what they will experience is a great way of coming up with creative advertising ideas. For example, if you have a shop in the mall and are putting an ad in the window, would a physical sign outside your door be more appealing? Imagine your customer walking past your shop or even go outside and walk past yourself in order to notice what they will notice and what they are liable to miss in your advertisement. This is the kind of work you need to do in order to be able to think creatively and generate some good ideas for your business.

In terms of the actual wording of your message, this is definitely something that I can help with if you want to reach out to me but for starters, what are you trying to say? The first step in creative effective marketing communications is to be able to talk about your product(s) or service(s) from a customer-centric perspective. I call this Sales and Marketing for "You" because I recommend that you use the word “you” to remind you to speak directly to customers about them. Saying “Sale Ends Today!” is great but why not add, “Last Chance to Save” which directly relates to and is about your customer? In order to be customer-focused, your message must convey value to your customers by talking about what problem of theirs you are solving or what benefit you are going to provide.

People often looking for a big bang in terms of creative advertising ideas that will magically skyrocket them to the top of the ladder of success! While this is not likely to happen overnight and without a lot of work, you are certainly right in that a good advertising idea can, indeed, work wonders for your business and produce incredible results. What you are trying to do is convey your key selling point instantaneously and with as much impact as possible. So, the question becomes, what are those unique features that you provide customers and how can you express them to the customer in terms of either a benefit or a solution? Now, which single one do you want to focus on? That is the kind of thinking that becomes the starting point for an effective ad.

After choosing a salient feature of your product or service and thinking about what the value of that feature is from a customer perspective, you are now left with the task of how to convey that idea as forcefully as possible. Keep thinking it over on your way to work and back – or around the house if you work at home! – and keep trying to come up with creative advertising ideas around your media, location, environment and your message. Can you be funny or create some drama? (Try using viral marketing principles!) How can your use a specific advertising technique in order to create sales and marketing success? Coming up with creative advertising ideas is something that I am really good at so don’t hesitate to touch base if you get stuck because I am always happy to provide free advice. Otherwise, I hope that you can follow the process I have outlined in order to become a creative thinker in your own right because it is not that hard to do if you want to.

Creative Advertising Ideas: Measurement

Creative Advertising Ideas

Remember that there is more to advertising than simply coming up with creative marketing ideas (although that does go a long way!). I would refer you to read some of my other articles on advertising for which you can find links to below. A big part of advertising is your execution and subsequent follow-up - the most successful men in advertising history have always been those that have been the most meticulous about measuring the effect of each and every word on customer responses.

Ideally, you can do things like trying different marketing emails and simply change the subject line or some phrasing and see which one gets the best response. At the very least, if you do not have a way to measure the overall response you get for a given campaign then you may be wasting your time, no matter what kind of creative advertising ideas you come up with. If you do not know how many additional customers your ad has generated, how can you tell if your advertising effort has been successful? Done correctly, advertising is an investment and so make sure that you treat it like one.

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Advertising StrategyWhat is Advertising?A History of AdvertisingExamples of Advertising TechniquesBadvertising! 1 | 2 | 3Anatomy of an AdFamous Advertising SlogansOnline Advertising TrendsAdvertising Marketing StrategyAdvertising Marketing PlansUsing Google AdWordsCreative Advertising Ideas Consultant

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