DIY Cold Calling Scripts

by Simon

I think you have done a great job creating these DIY cold calling scripts and I hope that other readers benefit from these invaluable tips as much as I have! I totally agree with a previous comment that all cold calls are similar and that once you have the basic template for making cold calls, you can fill in the blanks based on your own business. It is also important to inject your own style and personality into making cold calls and creating cold calling scripts for your company.

A lot of companies view cold calling in a kind of mechanistic way where people think, "if I can just figure out the perfect script, I will be okay!" This is like the sales thinking where you think, "if I can only figure out the right words, I can sell!" This is wrong thinking because no matter what you are selling it is not just about the words but how you deliver it. You can have the perfect so-called script which will fall flat if you read it to someone like a robot in a salesy kind of way. On the other hand, there are countless examples of novice salespeople who do really well just because they have beginner's enthusiasm and energy.

Selling is really so simple and making sales calls, if you think about it. You pick up the phone, say "hello" and ask the person if you can chat with them. They immediately want to know what you are calling about and so you tell them. At that point, if they are interested, they will say so and if not, there is very little you can do to convince them otherwise. Of course, there are instances where you can defuse objection and get some more time to chat with someone, but at the end of the day, sales is less about have some fancy psychological techniques to practice on people and more about just making enough calls to where you are talking to enough people to where you can find a need, develop a rapport and make a deal!

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