An Effective Cold Calling Routine

An effective cold calling routine is something that you have to plan in advance and then stick to in order to successfully generate business sales leads. Cold calling is hard and even though I have done it myself for many years, I don't think you can ever get over the fear of picking up the phone and calling strangers. That being said, if it is part of your sales and marketing effort which then it is also crucial to get good at it.

Effective Cold Calling

The only thing that will lead to cold calling success is reptition and you will only make daily, weekly and monthly calls if you have a planned process that you follow with discipline every day. The basic metrics of effective cold calling are knowing how many calls lead to how many opportunities that will then lead to how many sales. My goal here is to give you an idea of some of the other numbers you can build around this based on your specific business requirements.

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A Word About Goals

Effective cold calling is based on developing a mindset predicated around goals. Goals are simply what you want to achieve as well as knowing when and how (knowing why is important to, but I don't want to stray into a motivational speech!). Let's say your goal is to buy a certain car; you need to know how much it will cost and how much you have to save in order to purchase it. Then, based on your current rate of saving, you can calculate how long it will take before you can purchase the car.

Effective Cold Calling

Business success is no different and the basic formula for effective cold calling is shown above. How many calls do you have to make in order to make your target amount of money? The assumption is that you have a repeatable sales process whereby a specific number of calls will lead to a corresponding number of opportunities of out which a smaller number become actual sales. In additional to just focusing on calls, however, you can also look at some of the following measurements instead which may help motivate you better and help you keep to a routine.

Effective Cold Calling: Leads

The size of your average sale plays a large role in determining how many qualified sales leads you can create on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. If your average deal size is in the 100s of dollars, you should be looking to close multiple deals every day (per salesperson!). For four-figure deals, you might close 2-5 per week but you should target 2-5 leads per day. For five and six figure deals, your typical sales cycle can move into the months and you will only be able to connect with, qualify and gain interest from 2-5 leads per week.

Effective Cold Calling

Effective Cold Calling: Presentations

The structure of effective cold calls is about qualifying a prospect in terms of their level of interest and whether or not they are fit for your business. At that point, for larger, more complex sales your next step may be to set up a presentation. In that case, you can base your success in cold calling on the number of presentations rather than that number of calls you make. If you take this approach, you will call hard until you have booked a given number of sales presentations for a specific week and see that as your day-to-day goal. Typically, each of your qualified leads should convert to a presentation.

Effective Cold Calling: Conversations

My own personal favorite metric is simply how many people I can connect with on a given day. If you take into consideration the fact that you will only reach about one third of the people you call on a given day – the rest of your calls going to voicemail – then you should be able to calculate how many people you should be able to reach on a given day based on a certain number of calls. Let's say that half of those people are interested in what you have to say; that would mean that if you typically make 60 calls per day, you might want to shoot for 5-10 positive conversations instead. For me, sales and marketing is all about quality interactions!

A Personalized Cold Calling Routine

Effective Cold Calling

At the end of the day, you have to decide which of the metrics I have discussed you want to use in order to motivate you and stay excited. I really believe that you can turn cold calling into a treasure hunt that you actually look forward to and what I wanted to do was lay out a framework whereby you can create a system of calling that is not simply focused on calls or sales. By choosing instead to focus on softer metrics like leads, presentation and conversations, you can turn cold calling into more of a game instead of being an automated process of “smile and dial”!

Keep in mind that the only metrics that count are the ones that you validate for your own business. I have laid out some general guidance on the numbers that I have seen for leads in comparison to dealsize over the years. However, there is nothing to say that you can't create way more business or that your own sales and marketing situation may lead to lower rates of leads and conversation. Your main goal is to do whatever it takes to make the next call and keep making calls!

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Cold Calling TipsCold Calling TechniquesCold Calling Scripts TemplateFree Sales LeadsBusiness Sales LeadsSales Lead GenerationQualifying Sales LeadsSales Lead SheetSales Lead ManagementProspecting TipsSales Process ManagementEffective Cold Calling Consultant

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