emotion & sales dilemma‏

by I. F.
(Oakland, CA)

Hello Toronto uncle,

I've been thinking for the past few days about sales and thought to reach out to you for your expertise.

Here's my dilemma: I've been in a number of situations recently where i'm presenting a topic that i'm sure the recipient is on board with. Nonetheless, after my presentation (including numbers and breakdown of benefits) the recipient chooses the decision I was hoping they would forgo. What to do? My first thought is that this is related to social capital and that my presentation skills and body language are in need of fine-tuning. I say this because I've received the following feedback: 1) that i'm hard to read 2) that i'm not genuine. As I always aim for honesty and value compassion and listening above all, I believe that I am engaging with people as fully as possible. Thus, I conclude that it's not the content but how the information is presented that is impacting how it's being received, aka, the results.

What do you make of my assessment? If you agree do you have feedback or resources? Or might you even have time for a chat?

I guess the bottom line is, i'm not closing the deals and I think there's something I can do about it. Furthermore, as you are a fabulous salesman, from what I hear, I think that you might have some useful insights.

Awaiting your reply,


PS: Below you'll find a related sales article I read this morning.

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