Great Sales Leads and Cold Calling Resources!

by C. Muddat

Thanks for posting such useful info on sales lead generation and cold calling! I totally agree with what you say here, that there is no "silver bullet" magic answer to sales and that a lot of companies rely on leads as somehow being a free lunch or something without realizing that they are missing out on a valuable relationship-building opportunity by delegating lead generation to an outside company.

I've seen all kinds of lead generation programs working with different companies over the years... in the best of these, there is a focus on quality conversations and truly qualifying people for need, budget and so forth. Unfortunately, a lot of times a "lead" is considered anyone you can get on the phone who agrees to a follow-up call or is open to looking at some information. There is no shortcut to sales!

I appreciate your "human" approach to cold calling and lead generation and it is one that I use myself... while scripts and metrics and benchmarks and such are good, at the end of the day the person on the other end of the line is going to respond to a living, breathing person with personality more than any fancy objection handling and hard sales techniques... thank you so much and please keep posting these articles as I refer to them regularly.

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