Growing Your Business Means Prospecting

by M. S.

I think a lot of times companies spend a lot of times on fancy sales and marketing campaigns or product development or other business strategies without ever understanding the basic truth that business is about PEOPLE. It is like the big chain stores or franchises you visit that are run by corporate giants who do not have the sense to teach their folks customer service skills! Few things make me madder or puzzle me more than businesses where people do not greet you with a smile and a good personality and are even sometimes downright rude to you!

Prospecting is key to growing your business and I appreciate how you have included an article on basic prospecting tips for people to read. The whole point of have a business - any business - is to create traffic and generate customers and the only way that you are going to do that is applying these prospecting tips. If you do not know how to stick out your hand and say, "Hi" or start a conversation with a stranger, how can you expect to be able to engage and create enough rapport with people in order for them to be able to part with their most prized possession: their MONEY?

If you look at the history and philosophy of the most successful companies in the world, what you will notice is that they all have this key understanding in common. They know that business success is built on succeeding with people. In fact,if you take that even further, you will find that the most successful companies are not only committed to serving people - which includes employees and stakeholders as well as customer - but that they see their place as being part of a whole community and larger society. Great businesses treat their people well and not only that, they embody and teach values of how to contribute to society in general in order to improve the communities they do business in.

What a great world it would be if everyone thought the same way! At the very least, businesses need to understand that if they want to grow and make more money, then they need to place important on people before anything else.

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