Guerilla Marketing Strategies

In Guerilla Marketing Strategies I want to show you how you can shape your sales and marketing efforts utilizing some of the key ingredients advocated by the father of Guerilla Marketing Jay Conrad Levinson. What I have done is elaborate on some of the ideas Jay presents on his official Guerilla Marketing website.

What you can do in trying to reshape your sales and marketing efforts is blend these Guerilla Marketing Strategies into your own sales and marketing programs. Remember, there are no “magic bullet” answers that always work in sales and marketing. Rather, you should try to understand underlying concepts and then apply these to whatever you do.

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1. Create Drama

Guerilla Marketing Strategies: Create Drama

How can you make what you do spontaneous, exciting and extraordinary? Customers today have an abundance of choices and there is a good chance they can purchase your product or service at a similar price somewhere else. What they cannot purchase somewhere else is you and the personality you imbue into your customer's perception and experience.

What do customers like best about what you do? Can you turn that into a clear message that hits home with some drama? That is what the best advertisers do and what you must learn to do in order to emphasize your key value points. Be it service, quality, convenience or anything else, add some zing to what it is you do. Exaggerate if necessary. Be dramatic.

2. Be Believable

Guerilla Marketing Strategies: Be Believable

Successful sales and marketing does not mean going over the top or being brash, obnoxious or deceitful. Rather, real passion comes from telling the truth and representing yourself in such a way as to create trust. In the realm of guerilla marketing strategies being believable means stating without overstating.

Remember that you can be honest without creating the trust, credibility and believability that will cause people to buy your product or service. Therefore, while you trumpet the benefits your customers will receive through your offering, make sure to communicate with them in a way that gives them the room to choose you. A classic example is saying, “we may be able to help you...” instead of "we will help you..."

3. Get Attention

Guerilla Marketing Strategies: Get Attention

If there is one thing that exemplifies Guerilla Marketing Strategies more than anything else it is the art of creating a bang and getting people's attention. The question is how and the answer to that question according to Jay Conrad Levinson is by communicating whatever your customer is interested in. Instead of showcasing yourself or your ad, showcase what your customer wants.

Let me rephrase that as follows: make what your customer is interested in more interesting. If there is something you are going to emphasize, emphasize that. If there is something you want to talk about with six-feet-high letters, that is what it should be. If your customer likes your sales or marketing but forgets the message then you have failed. Talk about what they want and make it bigger than life.

4. Get Them Moving

Guerilla Marketing Strategies: Get Them Moving

All the Guerilla Marketing Strategies in the world do not mean anything unless you get your customer to do something. Ask yourself what it is you want my customer to do and remember that the answer is not always to buy something. It may be just to get them to try something or apply for something. For the sake of not rhyming I will say that you need to initiate that vital next step.

Sales and marketing consist of a series of small steps where your role consists of helping the customer move forward from one step to the next. If you think about it you will realize that customers almost never just buy. They look, browse, walk around, talk, think and then – only then – finally buy. That is how it works in most cases and so look for ways to keep moving them forward towards the sale.

5. Communicate Clearly

Guerilla Marketing Strategies: Communicate Clearly

It is so very easy to get carried away with your own sales and marketing and so a cardinal rule amongst Guerilla Marketing Strategies is to make sure you are making sense to your customer at all times. Slow down, simplify and do not take it for granted that someone understands everything you are saying. If possible, seek affirmation at each step of the way.

One of the most frustrating things for consumers today are self-absorbed spiels and advertising that that seeks to beat you into submission. That kind of sales and marketing involves endless lists of features and functionality that goes nowhere fast with customers and even more so when you go too fast and get too complex. Talk about what your customer wants and explain it as clearly as possible.

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Become a Guerrilla Marketing ExpertWhat Is Guerilla Marketing?Guerilla Marketing Ideas101 Marketing Strategies: Guerrilla MarketingFree Marketing IdeasGuerilla Marketing Strategies Consultant

Using some of these Guerilla Marketing Strategies should getting you thinking about how to realign your overall sales and marketing approach to create maximum impact. Do not overdo it and do not be someone other than who you really are. Do, however, look for and add that extra touch, that spice and that personality that will make your sales and marketing succeed.

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