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Becoming a Guerrilla Marketing experts is not as hard as you might think and I want to give you some tips and tricks to get you thinking of ways to creatively boost your sales and marketing success without spending lots of money. The ingredients of being a Guerrilla Marketer are to be bold, creative, unexpected and engaging and in this article I wanted to show you how to systematically apply these concepts to create new customers. Don't let the economy, a "bad" market, your competition or any other reason stop you from being a success!

Guerrilla Marketing

Coming up with the right recipe for your sales and marketing success is like baking a cake: you might not get it perfect the first time but as you keep trying new things you will eventually discover what works and be able to build on that in order to achieve greater success. The goal of Guerrilla Marketing is to use creativity instead of lots of time and money in order to come up with sales and marketing activities that grow your business and the starting point is to believe that there is always a way to do this.

Get help with Guerilla Marketing ideas for your business or share your expertise and experiences!

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Guerrilla Marketing Mindset

Do you believe that there are customers out there waiting to discover how great your business is? Do you think that you can deal with a substantial increase in business and be able to consistently deliver outstanding quality and service to all your new customers? Do you think that you can find creative ideas that can help you grow business without a substantial investment of resources on your part? I hope you do and I hope you realize that you don't need a sales and marketing guru to help you figure out creative strategies that will work for you because no one knows your business like you.

Guerrilla Marketing

We are looking for ways to make your cash register ring, nothing more and nothing less. The foundation of this is a running a great business which you do. What we need now are ways to get your message out there in ways that will engage and attract customers. The first step is your mindset which requires that you are constantly looking for and trying new ways in order to generate business. They don't have to be huge changes, just minor tweaks and experiments like a new ad here or new messaging there. After that you can look at how you can come up with Guerrilla Marketing ideas in each part of the sales and marketing process.

Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

Being a Guerrilla Marketing is about coming up with a fantastic idea that will blow people away, right? This is the general impression and what I want to add is that while this is the ultimate goal, anything that increases your business by using creativity rather than major resources is considered Guerrilla Marketing. That is why I suggest starting with small changes which often leads to big ideas. This is because, what happens as you experiments with smaller sales and marketing ideas is that you get a feel for what works for your customers and for how they actually perceive your brand. You learn the subconscious drivers that motivate people to purchase from you and how to control these.

Putting this in simpler terms, let's try and define what you do by using a sales and marketing equation that Shama Kabani outlines in her marvelous book The Zen of Social Media Marketing which is to have a great "BOD" or brand, outcome and differentiator. Your “brand” is what you do summed up in one word or short phrase – can you come up with yours? “Outcome” refers to what you do for your customers – what do they get from doing business with you? Finally, your “differentiator” is what sets you apart – how are you different from other business like yours?

Guerrilla Marketing

Having a well-defined BOD is the starting point for becoming a Guerrilla Marketer because any sales and marketing ideas you have should be based on your brand, outcome or differentiator. If you think about it, a lot of really good advertising that works does so because it emphasizes one of these particular elements by creating a scene or situation that illustrates it. This is very similar to your goal as a Guerrilla Marketer, to figure out creative ways to use your message and medium in order to convey a single element of your BOD that you think is worth emphasizing. Let's look at how this can be done and as we do so, think about ways to apply some of this creative thinking in order to come up with ideas for your business.

Guerrilla Marketing Message

Let's say you run a dry cleaning business and your brand – want you want to be known for – is that you provide a complete range of services from alterations to specialized cleaning. The outcome you provide to your customers is immaculate clothes done in a convenient time frame. What differentiates your business is that your high quality and speedy service is matched by an affordable cost. If you think about it, each element of your BOD actually speaks to the value you provide your customer for your customer, what you do (brand), how they benefit (outcome) and why you are better (differentiator). Think about each of these for your business and what you think it worth emphasizing through Guerrilla Marketing.

Suppose that you come up with the idea that you want to emphasize that you take care of big jobs better and less expensively than anyone else. This is because you have a full range of specialized cleaning services and there is nothing you can't in a quick and affordable manner. This may be something your customers value you for most and so let's just take that one point and figure out what kind of message we can use to communicate this to customers. How about, “big jobs done right” or “good, fast, cheap”? These may not sound like sales and marketing breakthroughs and they don't have to be! They are just a starting point for what might be a one-off advertisement or something that might develop into a longstanding marketing theme. Let's look at how you can build on your message using the right medium in order to create a successful Guerrilla sales and marketing approach.

Guerrilla Marketing Medium

There are 2 aspects to think about in your advertising medium and these are the medium itself as well as its location or situation. A lot of great Guerrilla advertisements are outdoor ads that combine location with an ingenious physical gimmick that is bold, creative, unexpected and engaging while doing the real job of delivering the sales and marketing message with ”zing”! Or you may have situational advertising that is tied into a particular event such as an election or the new year, to a couple of examples. Another example of good situational advertising are creative ads on buses or at the gym or other locations that tie into their environment to make their point. Most powerful advertising emphasizes a single selling feature and then creates an exaggerated scene or a tie-in in order to hammer this point home. You should do the same by figuring out your BOD and then coming up with the basic communication points that you want to emphasize in your message.

Guerrilla Marketing

What can you do in order to emphasize your message of “important jobs done right” with your medium? Doing a large outdoor installation will be expensive and goes against the philosophy of Guerrilla Marketing on a tight budget for many small businesses so let us look at the actual medium. How about a flyer shaped like a stained suit? That might be the starting point and if you have some success putting that flyer up at high traffic locations and distributing it to nearby businesses, you might create a sign and even business cards for your shop shaped like a dirty suit. Remember that this is just one example and I want to emphasize the process of coming up with a Guerrilla Marketing strategy for yourself. In this case, if I can do big jobs right then I can definitely do everything else well too (customer will think).

Guerrilla Marketing Protocol

Being a Guerrilla Marketer is about breaking rather than following protocol. While you are not out to confront people physically by getting in their face and being rude or obnoxious, you do want to confront them mentally and get their attention! Pay attention to ads that you like and that stick out for you amongst the hundreds of sales and marketing messages that we are bombarded with on a day to day basis. How can you be funny, unusual, unexpected and even outrageous? Find out where your customers are and what they respond to most about your business.

Guerrilla Marketing is like have the guts to walk up to a complete stranger and ask for their phone number. It's about not being shy about making a loud noise about your business and letting the world know how great you are. You don't need a big sign or a big marketing budget, just a big idea that captivates people. Ask around and bounce ideas off your friends, family and good customers. Your sales and marketing idea should be so good that even people who do not buy your product or service smile to themselves when they see it or think, “what a cool ad!” Focus on what you do best and then keep thinking about how to present your message in a bold new way.

Guerrilla Marketing does not have to be expensive! Take a look at these ideas that other Guerrilla Marketers have used to successfully generate new business.... what can you say, do or design that leaves an impression and communicates your essential value proposition immediately and with impact? Send me a link to your website and I will be happy to help you out but in the meantime, look to create extraordinary results by being extraordinary. It's time to stop being nice, take off your gloves and do something that really goes down with a bang. Break the rules a few times and then sit back and see what happens!

Guerrilla Marketing

Get help with Guerilla Marketing ideas for your business or share your expertise and experiences!

What is Guerilla Marketing?Guerilla Marketing IdeasGuerilla Marketing Strategies101 Marketing Strategies: Guerilla MarketingGuerrilla Marketing Consultant

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