How To Build A Website:
Interview With Ed Fry

How to build a website is a question that many Internet users have and you will be pleased to know that you do not have to be a technical wizard in order to accomplish this. I interviewed website expert Ed Fry who provided the following advice on creating a high-traffic website. Be sure to visit my other SEO and website related sections and contact Ed or myself for help with any questions!

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Ed is the creator of and owns a growing portfolio of top-ranked websites. Far from being an internet marketing wizard with 20 years experience Ed is just 15 years old and simply has the benefit of having investigated the correct tools and process for creating successful websites. The key is to have an open mind and be careful in choosing from amongst all the information sources and tools out there.

1. Why did you create

I built my first website - - and got so engrossed in the actual processes of internet marketing that I began to connect much more with people in that field than computer geeks. I ended up selling my first site to a software developer to concentrate my resources on the new website and the family of products and tools I hope to develop.

The internet is an incredibly "noisy" place; everyone can say (almost) anything. I figured if I could create true value - a quality reference point - and support that with existing keyword search demand then I could be onto a winner! The site was only started in June and it's going well so far. I had a break from it as I went away on holiday and I've come back with great lists of ideas. It's amazing how much brainstorming you can do whilst relaxing in a bean bag by a pool!

2. How much technical knowledge do you need in learning how to build a website?

The keyword here is to learn; there are many systems which will say "no experience/knowledge/technical know-how needed" which get cast aside by people simply because it does take knowledge, accumulated experience and at least some basic understanding of the technical aspects of building a website. They are right of course, but everyone has to start somewhere. My recommendation is to find a single, really valuable, useful source that you can understand and then stick to it.

3. What are some of the common mistakes people make in learning how to build a website?

Like an offline business, online businesses are entirely dependent on traffic. No traffic, no business - simple. You should look to build your website from the start around keywords with existing search demand - use Wordtracker and then build keyword-optimized pages for each keyword or group of keywords.

Before you begin, find some potential traffic goldmines - ideally which your competition cannot get, or would struggle to get. Forums in your niche? Active blogs to comment on? Related content sites to advertise on?

Other mistakes include over-complicating pages and websites. Look how simple Google is - learn from the best ;-)

4. What is the basic process in how to build a website?

Find and target keywords, map out a basic structure for your website, construct or hire some to construct your website and then get your head around marketing it! The building of a site is easy and the number of people who can do this for you are a dime a dozen, but getting your website 'out there' (as it were) is essential to its long term success.

5. What separates successful websites from unsuccessful ones?

A successful website is one that people find, like and visit again. A website that adds value to another person. A website that is backed by reputable people and sources. A website with a strong quality links program. A website that is constantly and consistently updated. These are all key attributes of a successful website; notice how all of them will take work. These are not "out of the box" characteristics which also suggests that making a successful site does not happen by itself.

6. What tools do you use to build websites?

HTML Editors such as Adobe Dreamweaver are commonly used to piece together web pages; but they take a lot of time to learn and master and then you can have problems with coding etc. Perhaps I could put in the effort and learn how to use one thoroughly one day, but I prefer using simpler systems. I actually use Solo Build It! to construct my pages which is fairly simply, but I've been looking at X Site Pro 2 recently and may well use that for a number of projects coming up - I'll buy it for a review anyway; there seems to be a lot of hype! [Note: I myself use Solo Build It! along with 100s of other everyday people with top-ranking SBI websites]

7. What should readers do next in order to learn how to build a website?

Keep reading. Don't stop reading until you feel comfortable enough to decide on your own web ambitions. Figure out your dream website and the perfect system and training to piece that dream together. I recommend getting the perspective of at least a handful of people - forums are great for talking stuff over. Website Babble is one of my favorites. Don't forget to use my internet scam check!)

** My top tip would be pick up a book at Amazon as opposed to buying e-Books online because you pay much more realistic prices for information.

Get help with how to build a website!

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