How To Make A Website

How to make a website is a question many internet users have and you can follow my simple instructions below to get started. I have laid out the basic steps in creating a website which you can then build on as you advance. The only thing you really have to pay for is to register your domain name which costs about $10 per year.

I use and recommend SiteSell’s Site Build It! as the surest way to create a traffic generating website and at the very least you should consult an expert for help with web marketing and search engine optimization. The good news is that you do not have to be technically savvy at all in order to build a basic website!

Get help with How To Make A Website!

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How To Make A Website – Step 1:
Domain Name Registration

If you follow my advice and decide to use Site Build It! then everything you need is included in that package. However, if you want to go it alone then your first step is choosing a domain name – i.e. - and registering it.

Domain names are managed by an organization called ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and cost about $10 per year. What you will need to do is purchase a domain name from a registration service like Go Daddy. Simply search for available domain names and then purchase one you like that is available.

How To Make A Website: Domain Name Registration

How To Make A Website – Step 2: Hosting

Once you have found and registered your domain name you then need to find a hosting provider. What this means is that another company will own the actual computers on which your website resides. It is possible to set up your own server at home and do this but most people use hosting providers and there are plenty to choose from.

Most domain name registration services like Go Daddy provide hosting services as well but you can also choose a free hosting service like 50Webs. The main difference between paid and free services are perks like extra space – e.g. for videos – and e-mail accounts. For the most part a free hosting service is fine to get started with in making your first website.

How To Make A Website: Hosting

The hosting provider you choose will provide you with an interface like the one above in order for you to create and manage your website. You will mainly be using the File Manager to upload HTML pages and any other files you need for your website, e.g. picture files.

How To Make A Website – Step 3:
Creating Web Pages

Your last step in building a website is creating the actual content of your site in the form of web pages. To start with you can create simple HTML pages using an HTML editor like the free Evrsoft First Page which I have used and recommend. You can also use Microsoft Frontpage or any other editor you like.

Technically speaking you can even use a text editor like Notepad to create web pages as long as you save files with a .html extension. The great thing about using a modern HTML editor is that most editors have a “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) mode that allows you to create pages just like you do in a word editor and the program creates the HTML code in the background for you.

Here is an example of what the HTML code for a simple web page looks like as you learn how to make a website. HTML consists of tags like <title> and <body> along with the actual contents of your web page. You will most always need to create a file called index.hml which is your home page and which contains links to other pages on your site.

How To Make A Webiste: HTML Editor

As a simple experiment to show you how easy creating web pages are you can create a file called index.html in Notepad with the code above exactly as shown. Make sure to save this file with a .html extension. You can then open it and it should pop open in your web browser as follows:

How To Make A Website: My First Web Page

You’re done! As you progress in how to make a website you will get better at using the different tools and techniques available and will no doubt pick up HTML code along the way (although you do not need to master this in order to be able to make a website).

Make sure to visit my additional website related sections for tips on search engine optimization, HTML tag optimization, keywords and more.

Get help with How To Make A Website!

How To Build A Website (Interview)META Tags Optimization
Search Engine OptimizationSEO Copy WritingSEO ConsultantWebsite Consultant

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