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Husain Zaidi was raised in the UK and Middle East and has lived and worked all over the world from Asia to North and South America. He has spent 15 years immersed in the world of business and technology as a top-performing sales and marketing expert and can bring the cutting edge to your enterprise. The insight he offers comes after working for startups to award-winning acquisitions to Fortune 500s like Computer Associates and Oracle and 100s of customers of every size in every industry. Hussain is passionate about putting ”zing” in your advertising, sales and marketing and helping you align people, process, technology and communications with your business strategy


What separates a good ad from a bad one? Very simply, a good ad creates interest which turns into leads and sales for your business! Beyond this, there is no end of subjective theorizing over what makes an ad work but most people can agree on a truly great advertisement - be it TV, print, outdoor or even a sign outside your business! - because it creates what I like to a call a mini-epiphany in the viewer regardless of whether or not they are interested in the product or service being promoted. It is this emotional reaction that turns suspects into prospects and prospects into customers by getting them to act. My mission is to utilize my knowledge of advertising techniques and my creativity in order to come up with a strategy, plan and ads that produce this effect for your business


What separates your top-performing sales reps from the others? What if all of your reps could perform at the same high level? If you think about it you will realize that what makes the difference is knowing what works which is the result of years of experience or in some cases just plain luck. While your average reps may be professional, competent and have a great understanding of your company and solutions, they are not yet expert in all of the specific ingredients that make for success in your specific sales process. What if you could get inside the heads of all of your best reps and create a custom Sales Handbook for your organization that documents every step from call to close? You can. I can for you and will also leverage my own best practice expertise at what it takes to sell technology to uncover and set out a failsafe sales process that works for you every time


If your website talks about you then you may be missing the boat. If your customer documentation and collateral from whitepapers to brochures does not use the word “you” enough, you are leaving money on the table. Quite simply, making your marketing copy fanatically “you”-centric is the only way you can succeed and continue to grow today. Let me repeat: anything that is not customer-based, customer-focused and customer-centric is short-lived at best and in some cases even harmful to your business. What I can do for you is, starting with your website, transform your marketing messaging to the level of the most successful companies in your industry and add the ”zing” that will get attention and create more leads and more sales for you. I am happy to prepare a free sample of this based on your current website or take a look at before / after samples of “You” Marketing here


I am an expert problem-solver and analyst who will engage your folks to find out what is working and what is not and why. The resulting executive report I create will provide you with a wealth of information, ideas and creative insights on how to make concrete changes that will make your business more effective. From standard reports like SWOT Analyses and Competitive and Market Analyses to internal process analysis, product management, positioning, communications and go-to-market strategy, I bring an informed outside perspective that will shed light on your most critical challenges and opportunities. Where else can you find a resource who is knowledgeable on everything from chasms to purple cows and a whole lot of other stuff many people have never heard, read, or thought of but that can be applied to helping your business?

Contact me for a free consultation which will actually be free and where I will actually do some work for you to show you where I am coming from and my thoughts on your business and market. Check out my related sales and marketing consulting services and shoot me a line if you don't see what you are looking for or just to chat!

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