I hate cold calling

by Ivor Fernandes
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

A call to action mobile site

A call to action mobile site

A call to action mobile site A call to action mobile site

I hate cold calling and try to get the prospect to call me. Hard to do. It takes time. If you get it right and you show up on search engines looking like a professional in your filed and have a good following on linkedin and twitter then you are on your way. I use what I market to sell. Mobile marketing. Why is that? Opt-in or texting to a number is easy and from your mobile device. My platform retains the mobile number for direct contact in the future. The open rate for a text message is 97% in less then 5 minutes. There is no direct market that beats this. I know the prospect is interested because they scanned the code or texted the number. Now it is just the follow-up. Local mobile searches will surpass local computer searches this year, 2013. Local business needs to get on mobile marketing now or loose on local searches. So I build mobile sites, offer mobile sms marketing and business mobile apps. Go mobile.

Web Site: http://mobiletextmarketing.blogspot.ca
Web Site: http://mobileappideasforbusiness.blogspot.ca
Web Site: http://websitestoronto.blogspot.ca
Web Site: http://tinyurl.com/mobi-web-3-0

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