How to Improve Search Engine Ranking

How to improve search engine ranking is a critical component of your online success and a topic of considerable importance to traditional and high tech companies alike. Without generating traffic from the major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Ask and Bing, the fanciest and most expensively-designed website will fail to deliver.

To understand the importance of search engine optimization for websites simply ask the thousands upon thousands of organizations and individuals who spend inordinate amounts of time and money developing a website that no one visits. Having cool graphics, plenty of flash animation and a great “look and feel” does nothing to improve search engine ranking without a methodical approach to SEO web design.

In these pages I have pulled together the very best of tools, processes and methodologies in order to help you understand the world of Search Engine Optimization. While tools may vary the basic approach is the same and that is that you must create a website that provides useful information as well as one that is search engine optimized

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The Basics to Improve Search Engine Ranking

I will describe 2 parts to improve search engine ranking in SEO web design, both of which are crucially important: keyword optimization and quality content. I call these "HTML And Words That Sell." It is not good enough to rank high at the search engines if you do not have the quality content to generate a favorable human response as well. If you do not please your human visitors you will lose your search engine rankings over time.

Formula to Improve Search Engine Ranking

The mistake most people I have talked to make is to focus on just one of these. Thousands of business and individuals create fancy websites that look and read like brochures that no one reads because no one sees. On the other hand, there are plenty of "tech-savvy" search engine for website specialists who achieve temporary rankings that fail to last because of a lack of quality content.

"Keywords" are those search terms that users enter into search engines in order to find information online. Keyword search terms tend to follow specific patterns over time so that if you correctly analyze and build a website based on high-value keywords then you will in essence be creating a website with terms and information that people are searching for.

The Search Engine Game

Improved search engine rankings only persist when you deliver that your visitors seek and not just search engines. I cannot emphasize this point enough and this is where most search engine optimization consulting fails. It is no use temporarily ranking highly through SEO "tips and tricks" unless you deliver quality content that people like.

Improve Search Engine Ranking: The Search Engine Game

In terms of how search engines actually find your site I will now describe the necessary steps in the process of search engine optimization for websites:

(1) Submitting Your Site: A lot of people do not know that you actually have to submit your website to search engines to ensure that your web pages will be indexed. If your web pages are not indexed, you will be “invisible” to search engines. The major search engines follow a protocol called Sitemaps whereby you are required to submit an XML Sitemap of your website to search engines.

In my opinion submitting a Sitemap to improve search engine rankings will be tricky if you are a non-technical person. Your best recourse is to hire a technical person to do this job for you or utilize a solution like Site Build It! which does this automatically for you. (The SiteSell website has instructions on submitting your Sitemap to the major search engines).

The Steps to Improve Search Engine Ranking

Creating Inbound Links is the last step to search engine optimization for websites and I cover that – along with Keyword Research and Page Optimization and - on my search engine optimization consulting page. These steps form the core SEO web design process along with making sure that you regularly continue to submit new content to the search engines as well.

Finding high value keywords and creating keyword-optimized web pages around them gets your site “into the running” in terms of improved search engine ranking. An Inbound Links program is then required to give your website added credibility with the search engines. For more detailed information I recommend the excellent SiteSell PDF Make Your Links Work! that contains a number of link building strategies.

Search engines like Google look at, among other things, the number and quality of other websites that link to yours. In terms of search engine rankings, the better and more relevant the website that is linking to yours, the better it's effect on your overall search engine results page (SERP) rankings. While inbound links is not the most important criteria in weighing your search engine ranking, it is important to have at least a few high-quality inbound links to your website.

An easy way to start receiving inbound links is to list your site with online directories such as DMOZ and Yahoo! Directory. Both are extremely popular directories that can potentially improve your search engines rankings if you list with them. DMOZ is a free service – albeit one that takes months – and Yahoo! Directory costs somewhere in the range of $299/yr.

Tools to Improve Search Engine Ranking

Because of the complexities of SEO web design and search engine optimization for websites it is crucial to rely on tools to help you accomplish this purpose. For example, I built using SiteSell's Site Build It! that provides web hosting and every other tool and service that you will need to create a traffic-generating website. Review some of the hundreds of successful top 1% websites creating by Site Build It! owners for yourself.

If you already have a website up and running and are simply interested in improving search engine rankings through page optimization then you may want to look at Axandra's iBusinessPromoter instead. While not as comprehensive as Site Build It!, IBP nevertheless has a great user interface with a powerful set of tools you can start using right away.

Of course, you can always ask me for tips or for consulting help in building and optimizing your website.

Optimization Tools to Improve Search Engine Ranking

Both Solo Build It! and IBP are risk-free tools that come with a money-back guarantee if you are not happy. Ask me if you have any specific questions I can help you with!

The Secret Ingredient to Improve Search Engine Ranking

Last but not least – as well as first and foremost if you ask me! – in search engine optimization for websites is creating quality content that will “wow” your human visitors. Remember that no matter how high you place using the technical SEO tips and techniques discussed above, you will not sustain a high search engine ranking without quality content.

More and more, search engines like Google are using off-page criteria to determine search engine rankings. What this means is that the search engines monitor human interaction with your website and not just how well you score for keywords and optimized links. At the end of the day search engines want to rank websites people like the highest. What better way than to monitor the reaction of people who visit your site?

Let's say that someone clicks on your website from Google but clicks the “Back” button to return to Google without browsing your site at all. This is one indication to Google that your website did not meet that user's needs in terms of relevance and quality. On the other hand, the more people that click to your site and spend time browsing pages, the better it is for your site's ranking.

In terms of creating content for SEO web design you can either do this yourself or hire a Search Engine Optimization Consultant like myself to help you with this. Make sure that you continue to create high quality pages and regularly add to your site as this is something that the search engines like as well.

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