Marketing Plan Example:
A-Z Guide

This marketing plan example is yet another attempt on my part to demystify the idea of creating marketing plans. I want to provide you with an A-Z guide on how to make sure you have all of your bases covered in marketing your product or service. While my other marketing plan pages are sometimes more technical and oriented around Business Plans, this section should be like a list you can refer to in order to make sure your marketing efforts are well-rounded and comprehensive.

Marketing Plan Example

As you go through this list, think about what areas you can effectively apply to your business as well as how your message will be adapted to suite each of these different mediums. Some of these may be cost-prohibitive and in others you run the risk of trying something new. Be creative and at the very least try and experiment to improve on what you are currently doing using the information and ideas provided in this marketing plan example.

I want to show you how simple creating marketing plans can be by looking at 4 areas in this marketing plan example which are verbal, written, electronic and physical marketing. These are the 4 ways that the marketing communication process takes place and by systematically going over and thinking about each of these areas you can create your own personalized marketing plan.

Ask me for help with your Marketing Plan or share your expertise and experiences!

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Marketing Plan Example: Overall Messaging

Before looking at the areas of verbal, written, electronic and physical marketing individually, you need to consider what your overall message will be. In creating the perfect sales and market message, I advocate using what I call "You" Sales and Marketing which speaks directly to customers and communicates your value points as needs of theirs you satisfy. Here is the gist of what creating your message according to “You” Sales and Marketing involves:

Address your customer: Use the word ”you” to make sure you are talk to your customer and not at them

Talk about them: What does your customers want and how will they benefit by doing business with you? Focus on that exclusively

Add value: Your product or service should only be about the pain you help your customers overcome and the benefit you provide

Be Customer-Centric: Everything begins and ends with your customer so talk about your product or service in terms of what's in it for them

Be Active: Communicate with short and concise statements that present a clear picture, engage your customer and compel them to act

Marketing Plan Example: Verbal

Marketing Plan Example

Telesales: Many of the most successful companies started with their co-founders making cold calls - can you and your team?

Direct Sales: If you have a direct sales team then make sure you understand the sales process from the buyer's, seller's and marketer's perspective

Press & Analysts: Can you talk to Industry Analysts and other media outlets in order to provide "news" and updates about your business?

Conferences & Seminars: These are educational events that you either put together, co-sponsor or attend in order to meet customers and partners

Tradeshows: Are there venues where you can sell or offer your product(s) or service(s) and associate with customers and members of your industry?

Networking: Creating buzz about your business need not just be at business events but anywhere where you can meet potential customers and referees

TV & Radio: These are usually part of a campaign run by an advertising company but make sure you have a say in your ”marketing personality”

Word-of-Mouth: This is the most powerful form of marketing – can you encourage it by creating referral incentives and an exceptional customer experience?

Marketing Plan Example: Written

Marketing Plan Example

Brochures: Most companies make these glossy and attractive but make sure your content is high-quality as well

Flyers & Posters Do not discount flyers as being "cheap" as even leading companies use well-designed posters which can be effective marketing tools

Catalogs: Can you create a catalog of products or services or advertise in catalogs that you know your target customers read?

Yellow Pages: Advertising formats here may be controlled by the phone company but make sure your messaging is in sync with your other channels

Magazines & Newspapers: As well as advertising in newspapers and magazines, think of creative ways to appear in news, editorials and articles

Mailers: These can sometimes be expensive but it may be worthwhile for you to try a mass mailing to customers to test your return on investment (ROI)

Stationery: I will include your business card here as well as anything that has your business logo and contact information for promotion

Documentation: Are there any instructions or other inserts or notes you can personalize or turn into marketing messages?

Marketing Plan Example: Electronic

Marketing Plan Example

E-mail: Sending out newsletters, updates and offers is an excellent way to market to customers and contacts whose information you collect

Website: An online presence is a good idea for most businesses today even if you only include some basic information and contact details

Web Ads: As annoying and irrelevant as online banner and text ads may seem, they actually do work and may prove effective for your business

Social Media: Creating a branded account and posting to sites like Twitter and Facebook allows you to market to friends and family and other “followers”

Blogs: Blogging or writing articles in your area of expertise is another ways to create an online presence that can attract readers and customers

Web Events Are there webinars, podcasts or other online events you can sponsor or be a part of in order to spread the word about your business?

Affiliate Marketing This term includes any of a number of ways of partnering with other sites or paying for traffic to your own website such as “pay-per-click” ads

Marketing Plan Example: Physical

Marketing Plan Example

Presentation: Making a good impression is key and so make sure that everything your customer sees, feels or experiences about you is positive

Public Ads Billboards, benches, bus shelters and other advertising may include a creative aspect that ties into to the physical location of the ad

Publicity: Are there any safe and legal ways for you to create some publicity either in the media or with acquaintances, customers, contacts and the general public?

Gifts, Promotions, Offers: These include give-aways, coupons and special offers for business or referrals - even small incentives can reap big rewards

Product Placement: This does not have to be getting your product into a movie but offering it through other places your customers visit

Co-Marketing: Just like the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, partnering with other business can be a very effective sales and marketing resource

Packaging: If you are selling a physical product then make sure that how it is packaged and presented ties into your marketing theme and is high-quality

Events: As well as the business events already discussed, can you sponsor or partake in a local sporting, non-charity or other promotional events?

Referral Marketing: This extends word-of-mouth marketing in generating referrals through current customers, networking and co-marketing

Marketing Plan Example: Bringing it Together

Sales and marketing is the cornerstone of business and while verbal business communications are often thought of as sales they can just as well apply to marketing. In the same way, most people equate written communications with marketing whereas these may just as well be used in selling. The real difference between sales and marketing in using a specific communication channel is that sales is communicating with an audience of one while marketing focuses on many.

Marketing Plan Example

Remember to utilize an Integrated Marketing Communication approach by tying your verbal, written, electronic and physical communications together into a unified message. The only way you can successfully build your brand is if all of your marketing messages are unified so that customers get the same message from whichever source they interact with. That way there is no confusion and each message reinforces your brand.

Marketing Plan Example

The gist of this marketing plan example then is that your salespeople should be saying the same thing as your flyers which should repeat what is one your website and so forth. Only by aligning your sales and marketing efforts in your marketing communication plan will you be able to reap the rewards of a unified message that will empower everyone within your organization with the same vision and resound with your customers.

Ask me for help with your Marketing Plan!

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