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by Marly

Q: I just started a E-commerce Store for Swimsuits and ACCESSORIES and need to acquire Lead sheets of Shoppers that like to buy on the Internet, that travel to Tropical Places and Islands, of Swimmers, that like to Cruise. That have recently made reservations to Travel to Mexico, Cancun Cabo, and all Tropical Islands.


A: Hi Marly,

Thanks for getting in touch

I am afraid you may not like my advice which is that cold calling and spamming is not the way to get people to your website. Instead, as well as relying on traditional advertising, I suggest you focus on developing your website into a traffic-generating resource that people will find through organic web searches

What I suggest for the time being is perhaps starting with a Google Adwords campaign to drive traffic to your site. They are GREAT and have advisors that will work with you to get things set up and optimized as you grow. You can start off with $75 of free credit for $25 and you only pay for clicks to your site (read more here:

Please understand that e-mail strangers and asking them to go to your website is called spamming. It may or may not be illegal but the main problem is that it just does not work! Email marketing only works when YOU create an e-mail list yourself. What this means is collecting e-mail information from visitors to your website for the most part. For that to happen, however, you first need to create a traffic-generating website

You have taken quite a task on your hand because your website is one of 100s of MILLIONS out there, the vast majority or which receive little or no traffic. That is why Google Ads are a great solution; people who search for travel or swimwear in your area will see your "sponsored" ads at the top of the page (and by the way, it works). The real question and that point is having a compelling website and optimizing your landing pages

Having a great website does not mean anything if you are invisible, unfortunately. The tried and true method of creating a traffic-generating website is to create great CONTENT and keep adding and updating on a regular basis. After 20-30 pages of keyword optimized pages, you will begin to see a trickle of folks coming your via via Google and the search engines. This is an ongoing process and requires lots of work, although it is easy if you are passionate about what you do

At the end of the day the UTLIMATE solution is what I use, Site Build It! You pay about $29.95 per month but all of the backend search engine optimization, submission to search engines, HTML code and what-have-you is taken care of. You simply have to upload content and you can do this will an easy-to-master interface which is mostly drag-and-drop and things like that. Please take a look at some successful Site Build It! users running MEGA successful sites here:

Best of luck and keep at it!


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