Qualification Is An Ongoing Process

by Peter P.
(West Seattle, WA)

I really like your approach to making cold calling conversational and that you should try and engage your customer in a friendly and non-threating manner while trying to qualify them as well as educate them in general about your product or service. A lot of companies live and die by sales scripts to such an extend that their reps become more like robots without having any feeling or personality.

I think the best approach to selling is to concentrate first and foremost on connecting with the other person on a personal level, having a few laughs, "shooting the breeze" and so forth. As you go along, business things will come up and as long as you have a process and methodology that you return to from time to time, you can make sure that you do not stray into endless conversations about nothing. That being said, there is more danger of being too "salesy" for most folks as opposed to being too friendly!

Qualification is key in the sales and marketing process because we need to keep ourselves in the mindset that what we are doing is staying receptive to customer needs. These needs may be different than what we have in mind and can change from day to day. What is important to your customer today may not be tomorrow and so it is important to always ask, "is that everything?" and "is there anything else?" A simple call to ask how things are going and get a sense of how your customer feeling can be great and very rewarding and is something that not too many companies train their sales reps on nowadays.

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