Script for Hair Restoration Product

by Wasim

Q: We are doing cold calling for a hair re-growth serum and would be interested in getting some valuable tips on how to get it started and how effective a script would work


A: Hi, Wasim:

Thank you for reaching out to me

I am not convinced that telemarketing is the best way to sell a product of this nature. The main reason is that this is not something that most people are used to buying over the phone

One approach may simply be to talk to people over the phone and then send out information to those who are interested in your product. On the other hand, this may be cost-inhibitive and many people will ask for information just to get you off the phone

If you can offer satisfaction/ money back guarantees then perhaps you might make some headway with telesales. Otherwise, I would suggest sticking to traditional advertising/ marketing



Q: Hi Husain Zaidi

Thank you for your reply and important details provided for the process which we have started. As you have advised that we can send them some details regarding our product, would you please advise how our opening would be which would make us listen to what we are saying. Below are the openings which we have tried. Please advise.

Hi, John. Walter here calling on behalf of ( Company Name ) .. HOW ARE YOU ??
Have I caught you at a bad time? Or Is this a good time to talk?
John, I'm sure you're busy and I want to respect your time, so I'll be brief.
Blab has introduced a new HAIR Re-growth Serum which helps fight hair fall and dandruff. Blab is a natural external solution, developed by top dermatologists and is approved by the FDA.

Hi (Customer Name). (Agent Name) calling on behalf ( Company Name ) . HOW ARE YOU??

(Customer Name) , I'm sure you're busy and I want to respect your time, so I'll be brief.
Blab has introduced a new HAIR Re-growth Serum which helps fight hair fall and dandruff. Blab is a natural external solution, developed by top dermatologists and is approved by the FDA.

Thanks & Regards


A: Hi Wasim,

I hope you don't mind my saying that everyone is looking for MAGIC words and there really are not. There is just magic RESPECT for your customer and the right APPROACH

What I would do is have a smash-bang website for CREDIBILITY when you call people up. You should pull out ALL the stops in terms of success, testimonials, science, etc. You should have a money back guarantee or some kind of assurance so that people feel SAFE trusting you with credit card info

I am not convinced that cold calling is the best thing for your product and business model. I hope you do not end up giving a bunch of product away for nothing as well as spending time and money

How the call "script" works is to ask TWICE for permission to speak with them:

"This is ______ from ______, did I catch you at a good time to chat for a few minutes?" (I don't like "How are you?" myself because everyone says it and it makes you sound like a TELEMARKETER)

They will ask, "what is this about?" and you should have a COMPELLING statement along the lines of, "We have developed a cutting-edge hair restoration product that provides extraordinary results in very little time. It is based on the latest scientific advances and research and for a limited time we are giving away samples and special offers. May I take a minute to tell you about these?"

When they say, "yes" at that point they will really listen. a) you have shown unprecedented courtesy and b) the first "yes" or "no" generally means nothing

So then you go ahead with your SHORT pitch. Once again, DAZZLE them. People buy the SIZZLE and not the steak one of my sales mentors used to say. Maybe you can enter them into a draw for free samples or send them info but only if they ask. You are trying to minimize costs and it is too easy for them to get you to send them something out just to get off the phone. What you want is an INCREDIBLE offer along the lines of...

"Our patented formula took 5 years to research and develop and has been used by 1000s around the world. Similar products cost up to $125 per 100ml and we wholesale our product to high-end department stores for $45. In order to create some traditional grassroots "buzz" we are practically GIVING our product away for the incredible price of $25 today. This includes shipping and handling and the best part is that if you do not see results in a very short period of time you can return your purchase and receive a refund with no questions asked."

The hardest part is the TRUST factor: how can you expect them to hand over payment information to a complete STRANGER? Therefore, what you might think about is putting out magazine ads and then taking INCOMING calls. Or, what I have done in the past is use the website on the call - are you at a computer, let me take you to our website and show you what you will be getting (then talk about all of the product features and selling points). Another alternative is to have a number where they can call you right back so that they know you are a REAL company ("We will give you our toll-free line so that if you have any questions you can call us. My extension is ______"). That way there is some external LINK between them and the caller on the phone asking them for their payment

I hope some of this makes sense and works for you guys

Let me know how things go and drop me a line later on

I am always happy to help and wish you success


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