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"HTML and Words That Sell!"

SEO Copy Writing should not be about the latest "algorithm of the day" of the major search engines. I regularly see ads for SEO tools that promise, "1st page on Google or your money back!" While some of these tools may deliver temporary results, real search optimization for websites involves delivering what your visitors seek which is valuable content, be it useful information or whatever else they are looking for.

This basic rule of SEO web design success is what many Search Engine Optimization "experts" overlook which is to deliver relevant, high quality information to your site visitors. Keyword optimization is important but only after quality content. With employing the latest SEO tips and tricks might get you a temporary high-ranking, you will lose this over time unless visitors who visit your website like what they see when they get there.

The traditional approach to SEO copy writing is to hire an "SEO expert" who performs various search engine optimization for website tricks in order to achieve high rankings for your website at search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing. What many people fail to realize is that traditional search engine optimization is about "beating the search engines" which is a losing game.

Rather than spend your time and effort learning and mastering SEO web design "tips and tricks" to try and stay a step ahead of the search engines, my advice within this SEO Copywriting section is where true search engine copywriting is explained. You need to be aware of and work with keywords but more importantly you must create rich content.

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Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

Now that you know about the importance of good content I will talk about keyword optimization which is fundamental feature of SEO web design. SEO copy writing begins with creating valuable content for your readers based on specific keywords that are being searched in the major search engines. These keywords are then included in your content as will as within the file name and HTML tags of your web pages.

Demand AND Supply

I shall explain SEO web design around high value keywords below but the first step is understanding what makes a keyword "high value". Most search engine optimization experts advocate SEO copy writing based on high demand keywords that can be researched on Google's Keyword Tool or another keyword search tool like Wordtracker. However, demand is only one side of the story.

The method I myself employ which is that of successful seo web design experts is to track keyword supply as well as demand in search engine optimization for websites. A keyword-based website will not work if there are already thousands of similar websites based on those very same keywords. The key is to choose high demand keywords that are also in low supply based on the number of websites covering them.

Site Build It!

Site Build It! by SiteSell Inc. is a powerful solution I use and recommend that allows you to create a traffic-generating website by using both the demand and supply of keywords. Site Build It! uses Wordtracker as well as it's own database of tens of millions of keywords fed by web "spiders". Its powerful Brainstormer tool researches the whole internet to analyze both the demand and supply of keywords crucial for seo copy writing success.

As an alternative to purchasing and using Site Build It! yourself you can utilize my SEO Copywriting Services for seo web design success. I created this website using Site Build It! technology and that was how you found this website. You can benefit through my tools and expertise to create search engine optimized website pages your your website that are also well-written.


Once you have a collection of high demand, low supply keywords relating to your website theme, the next step in seo copy writing is creating web pages optimized around those keywords. A "keyword" will in fact likely be a phrase which comprises the specific term that web surfers are searching for.

How search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing find your website is based on how this keyword and related terms are incorporate into your content and HTML code. Traditional search engine optimization is built around utilizing various techniques in designing your page so that they meet the requirements of algorithms that search engines use to classify pages according to.

Successful SEO copy writing relies on content to achieve rankings. Beware of simple SEO web design tricks like keyword stuffing where you litter all of your HTML code tags and your web page content with you specific keyword in an attempt to win traffic. Search engines general do not like this. Instead, place keywords as I have described below and follow my advice on winning SEO web design.


What do you do with keywords once you have found them? While successful SEO copy writing is once again based on writing good content, keywords still have to be placed in specific places within the HTML code of pages in search engine optimization for websites. You can easily switch to "Source Code View" in your HTML editor to adjust whatever HTML you need to.

File Name: Each page on your website should be build around a specific high value keyword. Search engine optimization for websites begins with the file name of your web page which will also form part of the URL for this web page. Your specific keyword for this page should form the .html file name as follows:

Title: The title of your page appears at the very top of a reader's browser and is also provided as a link in search engine results.

SEO Copy Writing: Title

You can view HTML code by right-clicking on a web page and choosing "View Source Code". When creating a web page according to search optimization for websites, simply view your page in "Source Code View" and apply my rules for successful SEO web design.

SEO Copy Writing: Editing HTML Tags

The Title of the page is contained between the appropriate tags as seen in the picture above. As a rule, your Title should contain your specific keyword once and only once.

Description: The second HTML tag that it is necessary to alter in seo copy writing is contained in the Description tag also pictured above. SEO copy writing dictates that your Description tag should, as well, contain your keyword once. Your Description should not be more than 200 characters - preferably 150 - and should be 1 or 2 sentences that "grab" the reader's attention.

Keywords: Finally, the Keywords tag is shown in the above picture and should contain your root keyword with 1-2 synonyms and 1-2 general related keywords. Do not follow typical seo web design tricks of stuffing the Keywords tag full of keywords and never repeat the same keyword twice in this tag. 5 or so keywords is all you should include here otherwise you may be penalized by search engine for "spamming" keywords.

Content, Content, Content

My instructions above should really be all you ever need to worry about regarding HTML and keywords in SEO copy writing for search engine optimization for websites. The gist is to utilize high value keywords based on both demand and supply and create pages oriented around those keywords without keyword stuffing which is penalized by search engines nowadays. Using Solo Build It! or utilizing my SEO Copywriting Services will make this process easy.

Body Text

With regards to the main body of each page you create during search engine optimization for websites, you should include your specific keyword in the first sentence of the body text - or the first 90 characters - and then scatter it through your content. Generally speaking, you should include your specific keyword and / or its root terms a little bit more than "normal writing" would dictate, about once every other paragraph or so.

In additional to the specific keyword which is the focus of your pages, good SEO copy writing calls for you to include synonyms and related keywords when and as possible. Examples of these are the other keywords in your Keywords HTML tag. Finally, you should concentrate more keywords at the beginning and towards the end of your page without "stuffing" keywords into the page which, once again, the search engines do not like.

One final rule I will include about SEO copy writing is that the specific keyword for each page should be included in a link to another page on your website or an external site. You should do this once or twice and a simple way of doing this is to create a link to your HOME page or another page and called the link, "Go to.... from...." where you mention your specific keyword as the name of the current page. I have included link examples at the bottom of this page.

Quality Content

I will repeat that the #1 rule of SEO web design is to keep creating engaging content. Keep in mind that visitors to your website are looking for one thing and one thing only: quality information. Building a keyword-optimized site is only the beginning of SEO copy writing success. Once visitors come to your page you must work to win them over with customer-focused content that will wow them and make them stay and even revisit your site.

Do not just create sales pages on your website or pages full of the features and functions of your solution. Web pages that fit the description of good search engine optimization for websites need to keep customers engaged as how long a visitor spends on your website will also affect your search engine ranking. Make sure your content speaks to customers and teaches them about what they are trying to find out about.

I have provided an overview in this SEO Copy Writing page of creating good content that scores well with the search engines as well as human visitors to your search engine optimized website. For additional information, see SEO Copywriting Services, Copywriting Tips and related links on my Copywriting Information page.

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