Top Social Media Marketing Brands

This social media marketing article lists the social media sites and pages of the world's leading organizations from the ENGAGEMENTdb report that ranks the top 100 brands on social media engagement. I start with links to popular social media sites and then go on to provide the social media pages of the top companies that I searched out on the Internet. You can explore them for yourself and see how they are set up and how people interact on these sites. As well, read about the strategies the most successful companies are using to promote their brands and grow business using social media.

Social Media Marketing

I have already discussed a key finding of this reports which is that social media usage correlates to business success and that the more engaged you are in using social media sites, the more successful you will be in building your brand. While not every company has the resources to engage in brand management on a scale of the world's most prominent companies, the Internet levels the playing field by providing anyone with a computer the opportunity to engage in successful social media marketing(including you!).

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Social Media Sites

There are six categories into which social media sites can fall which are: Social Networking, Image / Video / Audio Sharing, Collaborative Tools, Microblogs, Publishing and Social Bookmarking. At the end of this article I provide links to the online social media pages and sites of the leading brands while below is a brief description of these social media categories and links to the top social media sites for you to familiarize yourself with and explore.

• Social Networking

These are the sites that most people refer to when talking about social media and should form the mainstay of your social media strategy. The concept of social networking is well known and does not require an explanation here, suffice it to say that it has brought the idea of online communities to the masses and allows you to reach and interact with unlimited numbers of people instantaneously. In building a social media presence the key is to take off your professional hat and put on a social one!

Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing

• Image / Video / Audio Sharing

With it's slogan of “Broadcast Yourself”, YouTube more or less created the phenomena of video blogging and has since gone on to become a staple ingredient in the social media strategy of many top companies. Just to give you an idea of size, YouTube is the third most visited site on the Internet after Google and Facebook and users watch a staggering 2 billion videos a day using the service. The use of the image sharing site Flickr has also become a regular feature for many large organizations with users sending in pictures relating to the brand in addition to corporate content creation.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing

• Collaborative Tools

Building on the idea of user-generated content, collaborative social media sites allow users to post comments as well as moderate and respond to questions on behalf of leading brands. The phenomena of user groups in the software industry is a great example of forums that are organized for and by the actual users of a product or service instead of a company itself. Sites like Starbucks' and Dell's are examples of successful collaborative social media sites set up with the sole purpose of engaging customers for ideas. Can you can set up or take part in similar forums in order to promote your brand?

• Microblogs

Twitter is by far the best known micro-blogging site and basically extends the concept of online comments and status updates so that users can post their thoughts about anything and everything (including thoughts about brands!). The catch is that – with Twitter, for example – you are only allowed 140 characters in which to express yourself which makes for succinct posts that are easy to read. Celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Lady Gaga and Charlie Sheen have highlighted the star power of Twitter in social media marketing by amassing millions of followers and generating news stories with their ”tweets”.

Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing

• Publishing

Before there were micro-blogs there were, of course, plain blogs or web logs. The phenomena of blogging has developed in the last decade to become everything from an alternative media source to an online confessional. For regular folks – like you and me! - it is simply a way to post our thoughts online for the world at large to see and as business person, it is a way to share your expertise with the world and create a following based on your visibility and credibility. Most successful social media brands have blogs as a mainstay of their strategy. You can post your own updates on your website or one of many popular blog sites.

Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing

• Social Bookmarking

These sites are essentially referral sites that allow users to post links to news articles and other online resources. The success of social bookmarking sites stems from the fact that the Internet is impossibly big and so a good way of exploring it is to see what other people are reading, watching and visiting. It can be worthwhile to include sites like these in your social media strategy for when you encourage your website visitors and newsletter subscribers to ”share” your articles with others. Bookmarking allows a viral effect to kick in as the more popular sites are visited by more and more people (and on a personal note, I highly recommend StumbleUpon for discovering the best of the Internet by visiting interesting random web pages based on your preferences!).

Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing

Top Social Media Marketing Brands

I now want to provide you with a comprehensive set of links to the social media pages of the world's leading brands as outlined in the ENGAGEMENTdb report. My goal in doing so is to give you an opportunity to explore social media marketing in practice. What you will find in looking over some of these sites is that companies like Starbucks, Dell and Nike have simply been able to bring together communities of fans online using these sites and that the people who interact on these pages are just regular people.

Many companies have multiple blogs, forums and accounts representing different interests on major social media sites and I have generally chosen only the main generic ones to share with you. Also, some social media pages are set up by employee groups independent of corporate initiatives. The general rule is that the more people that engage in social media on behalf of an organization, the better. That is why many companies encourage employees to use social media sites in order to interact with people to build the brand and perform business services.

You will see a lot of kinds of comments and posts on these company pages that you would on personal social media pages, just that these fans are all people who like a specific brand. You will also notice a marked absence of traditional sales and marketing promotion but rather see personable interactions, useful industry-specific updates and user-generated conversations and comments. Rather than focusing on talking about how great their products and services are, these companies have understood that the way to succeed with social media marketing is simply to provide a presence, expertise and personable and valuable interactions.

Social media marketing does not have to take place solely on sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and many companies have existing forums and discussion boards where the same kind of activity that takes place on social media sites has traditionally taken place. The power of social media, once again, is that it has provided a universal platform for all of the previously fragmented communities that existed online. While such communities will continue to exist, most everyone also uses the popular social media sites for a lot of the same discussion and support.

Social Media Marketing Brand #1: Starbucks

Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing Brand #2: Dell

Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing Brand #3: eBay

Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing Brand #4: Google

Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing Brand #5: Microsoft

Social Media Marketing

FacebookLinkedInYouTubeFlickrTechNetTwitterBorn To LearnEducation InsightsMSDN BlogsDelicious

Social Media Marketing Brand #6: Reuters

Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing Brand #7: Nike

Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing Brand #8:

Social Media Marketing

FacebookLinkedInYouTubeFlickrAmazon Seller CommunityTwitterAmazon Associates Blog

Social Media Marketing Brand #9: SAP

Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing Brand #10: Intel

Social Media Marketing

FacebookLinkedInYouTubeFlickrIntel CommunitiesInside ScoopBlogs

Social Media Marketing Brand #10: Yahoo

Social Media Marketing

FacebookLinkedInYouTubeFlickrForumTwitterYodel AnecdotalBlog

Secondary Industries

Below are the top ranked social media marketing brands based on industry. It is not a surprise that technology and communications companies are the most well-adapted to using social media as a successful business strategy and many other industries still have a long way to go in using the media as effectively as the companies listed above.

Automotive and Transport: Toyota

Social Media Marketing


Food & Beverages: Pepsi

Social Media Marketing

FacebookLinkedInYouTubeRefresh EverythingTwitter

Business Services: Accenture

Social Media Marketing


Get help with social media marketing or share your expertise and experiences!

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