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by Jessica

Q. There are six processes of strategic marketing which are:market opportunity analysis,target market selection,competitive positioning strategy,marketing system development,marketing plan development and implementation control,can you help me explain the last three?



Hi Jessica:

Marketing System Development: once you have studied the market, identified your target market and positioned yourself correctly to take advantage of your specific niche, you will have to put in place the pieces of your own marketing program. This is what may be called Marketing System Development and includes figuring out what channels are best suited to your purpose and what message your are going to be utilizing. Marketing channels may be phone, in-person sales, mail-in, e-mail, social media, trade shows, advertising and so forth

Marketing Plan Development: this part of the process may even come before the previous inasmuch as creating a marketing plan before you engage in any sales and marketing efforts or programs. I have written extensively about this on my website (click on "Marketing Plans" on the left). In any case, once you have a marketing system, you can update your marketing plan accordingly and as you engage in the next step, Implementation Control, you should revert to your marketing plan in order to update it with findings and renew it based on results

Implementation Control: this is similar to the stages in Project Management which are known as "Monitoring" and "Managing". Therefore, after you have Designed, Planned and Implemented, you Measure or Monitor whatever program you are working on and then take steps to manage it accordingly. What this means is that you "loop back" with your new findings and tweak everything based on the results you are achieving. At the end of the day you are simply interested in optimal results and this is true with your strategic marketing process


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